Rental Property (AirBNB) Cleaning Training

Continued Education

What we will cover:


  • The difference between a residential home clean and a short-term rental property 
  • Steps to take if there are concerns
  • The steps to cleaning a short-term rental property 
  1. Written Directions
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Entry
  4. Assess and Address
  5. Laundry
  6. Kitchen
  7. Bedrooms
  8. Bathrooms
  9. Living Spaces
  10. Finishing Up

Rental Cleaning Training Video

The difference between a residential home clean and a short term rental

Airbnb/ Vrbo / Home to Go/ Vacation rental – We have all stayed at one from time to time… And if you haven’t, then just imagine a home or apartment that is set up in the same manner as a hotel. 

Short-term rentals provide all the comforts of home. When you walk into your rental for your stay you should feel as though you are in a “hotel-like” environment and you and your family, or whoever you are staying with, are set up to relax and enjoy your stay.

What almost all short-term rentals provide:

  • Towels and washcloths
  • Soaps and or minimal bathing supplies
  • Clean sheets and bedding
  • Dishes and cookware if there is a kitchen
  • Paper towels and some basic kitchen essentials 

Some Short term rentals also provide

  • Coffee and tea
  • Some refreshments
  • Games or other entertainment 
  • Check-in book and other helpful information for guests who are out of town
  • Etc. 

* These properties are all privately owned so it is up to the owner of each property to have as much or as little extras provided to the guests

The Importance of the Cleaning

You are there to make the property guest ready! Most times you are the only person to enter the property between guests. It’s completely up to you to make sure the property is cleaned and set up according to the owners wishes. 

Often times you will also need to check to make sure home essential are stocked up, nothing has been broken or damaged, and that you’ve staged the property to look a certain way… each owner is different and they might have a particular way they want the beds made, towels placed and even sometimes specialty items left for guests, like a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. 

The property owner can do as much as little as they want to spoil or pamper their guests but they are all on a mission to receive a great review. Guest reviews can affect the owner’s status on airbnb, Vrbo or other rental websites. So the better the property is staged and set up for guests the happiers the guest will be, the better the owners rating and the more likely they will be to have their property booked regularly. 

So the quality of work we provide is extremely important to the success of this rental for the owner and for our success as their cleaning provider.

Steps to Cleaning a Rental Property

Step 1 - Written Instruction

The first step happens before you arrive. This is when our Client Manager will tour the property with the owner or property manager to gather all the information you will need. From entry info, and laundry directions, to staging. This is a very important step. 

When cleaning an Airbnb or other short-term rental it is IMPERATIVE that you read ALL the notes carefully to not miss any directions given by the Client Manager. Keep an eye out for checklists attached to the job in Connecteam. Some Client Managers will create a checklist specific to a property to make sure no steps are missed. 

Step 2 - Be Prepared

It feels like being prepared should be step 1 but you can’t be prepared unless you have the instructions first. 

So as always in the Clean Clean Day Way, READ your notes thoroughly! 

Have all the supplies you will need if they are not provided, but keep your supplies in your car just in case. Most short term rental properties will provide everything needed so all you need to do is show up on time and follow directions carefully. 

Step 3 - Entry

Entry and exit instructions will vary from property to property. 

Parking instructions may be listed if the rental is located in an urban area. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully to avoid a parking ticket.

Some rentals will have a door keypad and some use a lockbox with a physical key that will need to be returned to the box when you are finished. 

If you have any issues using the lockbox provided our first suggestion is to look up the lockbox type on your phone for a tutorial. Google to the rescue! If all else fails, reach out to the staff line for assistance.

As with residential cleaning, on occasion, there will be an alarm system that may need to be deactivated or set before you leave. This isn’t common but happens on occasion so just READ YOUR NOTES! 

Rental properties almost always have a supply closet that will store the needed cleaning supplies and equipment, kitchen and bathroom essentials, paper towels, toilet paper, and more. These closets tend to be locked and access information will also be found in your notes. If this supply closet is locked make sure to re-lock it when you are finished. 

Step 4 - Access and Address

Do a quick walk-through of the property before you get started! 

As mentioned before, most times you will be the only person to see the property between guests. Most guests are respectful and follow a check-out procedure, leaving the property ready for cleaning, but some guests may be less cordial. 

During your walk though if you find that the guests threw a party and trashed the house, something was broken, sheets or blankets were stained, something was apparently stolen, or anything along these lines IMMEDIATELY reach out to the Staff Line! You may need more time, you may need back up and to have one or two more housekeepers join you, we may need to call the owner to come to the property to personally see the issues.

In these cases, we ask that you take photos of the damages and send them to the Staff Line so the Client Manager can address these issues with the property owner. Photos will be needed for the owner’s records, to prove more time is needed for the cleaning, or for basic guidance in a particular situation. 

Never start cleaning until the whole property has been seen and you know what will be necessary of you and how to manage your time best.  

Also, read over your notes so you are aware of all the cleaning tasks needed.

Step 5 - Laundry

Will you be washing laundry? It is very important to start this asap so that it finishes in a timely manner. Depending on the size of the Air BNB you may need to do more than one load while cleaning. 

  • Never forget to empty the lint trap as this is a safety concern
  • If the laundry room is accessible to guests make sure the area is cleaned and tidy
  • Check laundry supplies and let the Staff Line know if running low on anything
  • If baskets are provided make sure they are free of lint and dust before putting clean sheets or towels inside
  • Fold and put away any towels as the client prefers

AirBNB cleans tend to be shorter jobs or shifts because these properties are cleaned often. Make sure you budget your time accordingly. 

When you are responsible to run laundry, sheets, towels and other linens this will take up the majority of time. Don’t be alarmed if you have completed all the needed cleaning tasks and you find yourself waiting on laundry to finish drying. This is common. We always encourage you to make sure all extras are completed like under furniture, window blinds, fan blades, light fixtures, and so on. If all of this is completed just let the Staff Line know you are going to sit and wait on laundry to be finished and everything else is done and guests ready. 

Step 6 - Kitchen

  • If there is a dishwasher check to see if there are clean or dirty dishes in it. If dirty run asap to avoid washing everything by hand
  • Check the refrigerator for any leftovers and garbage. Throw away anything left behind and wipe out any crumbs and debris.
  • Put away all clean dishes and make sure all cups, plates, silverware, pots, and pans are neatly placed in cabinets and where they go! Most owners have a certain way they like things placed in cabinets so check to see if guests placed things incorrectly and reorganize if needed. 
  • Wipe down and disinfect the outsides of all appliances and the countertops
  • Clean the stove and hood, and check inside of the oven for spills
  • Wipe inside and out of the microwave
  • Clean coffee pot, toaster, and any other small appliances
  • Take out trash and replace the liner
  • Clean sink and check garbage disposals
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Replace any tea towels or dish cloths
  • If the client has a welcome package to be left out make sure to do so or if the client supplies coffee or tea or snacks refill per the client’s instructions
  • Check for anything that you missed and make sure it is magazine ready!

Step 7 - Bedrooms

  • Remove any used linens and wash
  • Make bed/s and be sure to fluff pillows and stage the bedroom to look inviting and magazine ready! Do this first as it will kick up dust and dander. If the client provides directions to makes the beds in a particular manner please follow instructions or images provided
  • Quick dust, checking for cobwebs in the corners
  • Check windows and mirrors
  • Disinfect all light switches and remotes
  • Check closets, dressers and under beds for any left behind personal items and let the Staff Line know if any are found
  • Remove all trash and replace liners if there is a trash bin
  • Vacuum and mop the floor
  • Recheck the room to make sure nothing was missed and that it is ready for the next guest

Step 8 - Bathrooms

  • Change out any towels that have been used. Make sure to replace towels in a neat fashion. Some clients want them placed in a specific way so check job notes
  • Quick dust checking for cobwebs
  • Check vents, blinds, and windows
  • Sanitize and clean the toilet
  • Clean and sanitize shower/tub checking drains for clogs
  • Clean and sanitize sink and vanity
  • Make the faucets and mirrors shine with a window cleaner
  • Empty trash and replace the liner
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Sweep any rugs (launder if needed)
  • If supplied, make sure all soap, shampoo, and body wash are topped off or replaced. 
  • Refill toilet paper roll with full roll, places extra under the sink or in a storage closet for guests
  • Make sure the shower curtain is fixed properly
  • Put back any rugs after the floor is dry
  • Check over everything to ensure nothing was missed and that it is magazine ready!

Step 9 - Living Spaces/ Entry Area/ Dining Rooms

  • Quickly dust all surfaces high to low, polishing wood furniture
  • Disinfect light switches and remotes
  • Sweep couches and check under for any personal belongings
  • Check lights, molding, and baseboards making sure to keep an eye out for cobwebs
  • Check windows, mirrors, and TVs
  • Sweep floors and mop
  • Make sure to double-check your work and make sure the areas are staged to be welcoming to the guests and magazine ready
  • Hallways and stairs – quick dust, check windows, and sweep and mop
  • Remember to clean and sanitize any high-touch areas, the light switched, remotes, door knobs, etc.

Step 10 - Finishing Up

When finishing make sure you have placed all the cleaners and supplies back in the supply closet, all linens are put away, all rooms are staged as requested, and the property is guest & magazine ready

Make sure to put away all cleaners, all linens are put away, and all rooms are staged and guest ready.

  • Alert Staff Line of any personal belongings left behind by any guests
  • Alert Staff Line of any low supplies 
  • Lock the supply closet when finished
  • Turn out all lights and fans to save electricity
  • Set alarm if needed