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About Us

When you think of a “Housekeeper” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of Alice from The Brady Bunch dusting, cleaning, and fussing over the family, Maybe you envision a uniformed crew quickly cleaning a home without a hello or goodbye… One is unrealistic and the other is undesirable. So why is this the industry standard? 

Sisters Jessie B and Kiki Young spent a combined 20 years cleaning and caring for their private client’s homes. During these years they learned just how important the relationships they built really were. They also learned their clients struggled to find dependable housekeepers and hiring a commercial company wasn’t a desirable option, even though it was easy to schedule.

Jessie B and Kiki Young Owners of Clean Day Housekeeping

Sister and Clean Day Founders ~ Jessie B and Kiki Young

"Our clients wanted to know they were safe and in the company of someone that truly cared about them and their home."
Co-Founder Kiki Young

Clean Day Housekeeping Services is on a mission to bring a more personal approach to the residential cleaning industry. Our clients are paired with a Client Manager (CM) that oversees all of their cleaning needs. The CM knows their clients, their homes, and their individual needs. They pair their clients with one housekeeper for each cleaning and make sure that everything is done to the highest of standards. The connections that our CM’s make with their clients are on a personal level. They are there to make sure our clients feel safe, understood, and fully cared for.  It is truly Home Cleaning Personalized.

"Because home is where the heart is, and our hearts are with your home." Client Manager Beth Micco

For more than 40 years the residential cleaning industry has been refining and mass-producing quick and impersonal service. It’s easy to schedule but impossible to feel connected with. We know it’s time for a change! You and your home deserve the best and Clean Day Housekeeping Services is here to provide it. 

What's Next

Clean Day Housekeeping started serving clients throughout the greater Pittsburgh region in January 2019 and since have expanded services throughout all of Western Pennsylvania. 

"We plan to expand this personal approach nationwide because we know it's a need and all homes and families should have this option available to them. We are working to have service available throughout all of Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio in the next 5 years and to be national by 2030." Co-Founder Jessie B

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Watch our IFundWomen campaign video to learn more about how Clean Day Housekeeping got started and why we have a passion to change the residential cleaning industry. 

Home Cleaning Personalized ~ Because You Deserve The Best!