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KDKA Talk Pittsburgh

How the whole family can tackle household chores 
Piles of laundry, scattered toys, towels on the floor. Cleaning up after your kids can feel like an endless task. The owners of Clean Day Housekeeping, Jessie Belonzi and KiKi Fisher, have some fun ways to get your kids involved in the chores. MAY 14, 2024

Talking all about self-care with Clean Day Housekeeping

This month, Clean Day Housekeeping launched a campaign all about self-love and self-care. The owners, Kiki Young and Jessie Belonzi, were here to talk about the simple steps you can take for yourself. Feb 28th, 2024

Clean Day Housekeeping showcases hacks to speed up the process of cleaning your home

Start your new year off right with a clean home. The owners of Clean Day Housekeeping, Jessie Belonzi and Kiki Young, were here to show us some hacks to speed up the process. DEC 5, 2023

Showing you how to tackle the toughest, dirtiest battles around your home.

The owners of Clean Day Housekeeping, Kiki Young and Jessie Belonzi, are back to talk about the dirtiest places in your home and how to get them spotless. JAN 24, 2024

Columbus Ohio Clean Day Housekeeping
Columbus Mom
Columbus Mom

Clean Day Housekeeping

Article by Kimberly Verhoff of Columbus Mom

I looked up “a clean house” in my mom dictionary today. I found no actual definition but the synonyms listed were “mythical unicorn” and “fake news”.

I GET IT. I am going to miss spraining my ankles on LOL Surprise Dolls miniature sunglasses, I don’t disagree. But I’m a mom of a 5 and 3 year old, I have a demanding full time job and I prioritize family time and a social life over plucking hardened Cheerios from under the kitchen island.

It turns out there’s a new sheriff in town with a different approach to housekeeping – Clean Day Housekeeping. I say sheriff because I initially wondered if they could talk some sense into a 3 year old and the trail of empty pouches he leaves in the house. Turns out, that’s not in their job description, but what IS, is a more personalized approach to housekeeping.

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Who is Clean day?

Housekeepers and sisters Jessie Belonzi and Kiki Young spent a combined 20 years forming close relationships with their private cleaning clients. They learned finding dependable housekeepers is a struggle and that commercial cleaning companies are impersonal and undesirable. 

The sisters founded Clean Day Housekeeping to bridge the gap between a private housekeeper and a commercial cleaning company. Their innovative and personal approach has taken the cleaning industry by storm and is now connecting thousands of clients with amazing housekeepers in PA, OH and WV.

“An organized mind & home helps relieve stress and anxiety. We are here to help you implement Clean in your lives!”

Jessie and Kiki, sisters and owners of Clean Day Housekeeping Services are experienced housekeepers with over 25 years of combined expertise in helping people achieve their cleaning goals. They share their vast knowledge through social media and television to help others in the Clean Day Way!
Jessie B & Kiki

Clean Day
Client Testimonial

“These girls rock! Heather is so fun to work with and is a true lifesaver to us! My house is sparkling clean and she keeps it that way. I can’t say enough good about Clean Day!”

Annie C

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