Price Increase

Dear Valued Customers,

After carefully analyzing increased materials, payroll, and overhead costs, we are writing to inform you of a necessary forthcoming price increase.

We will be increasing prices by $5 per labor hour, effective June 12th, 2023. This will affect all clientele with the exception of clients that have been with Clean Day prior to May of 2021.

Please be assured that Clean Day has made every effort to keep this increase to a minimum despite inflation being an unavoidable challenge for us in recent months. Our last price increase took place 2 years ago in June of 2021.

We greatly appreciate your continued business and support through this time of growth and change. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this price increase please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Sincerely,  Owners Jessie Belonzi and Kiki Young 

What to expect

  • Clean Day’s average service length is around 4.5 hours
  • The average client will see an increase of $22.50 per cleaning moving forward
  • 3 hr. Service = $15 Increase
  • 4 hr. Service = $20 Increase
  • 5 hr. Service = $25 Increase

The Why

Everything is more expensive these days for just about everything. As a small business, we are feeling the crunch just like everyone else. 

In addition to the higher cost of goods and operations, over the last few years, we have invested a great deal into supporting our valued team. We have been providing our Clean Day team members with higher hourly wages, mileage programs, and bonus incentives, and we are currently rolling out a paid time off program to further support our long-time and faithful housekeepers.  

We value our team members so highly and we want to see them succeed and thrive as part of the Clean Day Family. The decision to raise our baseline prices comes after great consideration and is a necessary measure in order to continue day-to-day operations in addition to providing financial security for our team.

To speak directly with owner Kiki Young, please call (724) 636-0571

We will be more than happy to take your calls and discuss the situation with you personally.  

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