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Client Manager Training
Week 2

Training Week 2

  • Client Manager 1-on-1’s

  • Team Connections

  • How To Quote A Job

  • Quote Estimators

  • Moving Cleans

  • Connecteam Admin Training

The 1-on-1

Scheduled through Calendly

Client Manager Director Jessica Belonzi

Jessie B Co-Owner. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized 

 Jessie will remind you on a regular basis to stay up to date on your 1-on-1 meeting schedule. Jessie will text you a link to a scheduling page where you can pick days and times that work best for you and your schedule. This bi-weekly 1-on-1 gives you the opportunity to work through client complications, sales goals, quoting struggles, and more. During this time you to receive much of the support needed as you navigate your role as a Client Manager. 

Make sure to check your email on day prior to your 1-on-1 to fill out you bi-weekly WAR Report form.  


Team Work!

Teamwork is a must as a Client Manager. You will depend on your fellow CMs and they will depend on you.

For example, let’s say your scheduled housekeeper calls off at the last minute and you are scrambling to find a replacement, or you are struggling to coordinate a large team clean and can’t find a solution. Our CM’s share the same team of housekeepers in many regions and you may be aware of an easy switch to your schedule that will free up a housekeeper for another CM, or vice versa. Sometimes clients cancel at the last minute but another CM may have a client waiting in the wings for a pop-up opening. In any case, all of these problems take teamwork and your fellow CM’s will always be there to provide support. 

There are 3 key places to find this support from the Client Management team. The first is in the “CM Must Read Feed” chat feed inside the Connecteam program. This feed is a busy one, to say the least! In the top right-hand corner of this feed is a “settings” tab where you can mute this feed as needed, seeing we all deserve some peace and quiet from time to time. The CM & Management chat feed tends to be the busiest between 8 and 10 am and again in the afternoon when cleaning are coming to an end.

Note: When typing in the Connecteam chat field you can address specific team members by using the @ symbol followed by their name. This will notify the person you are addressing that they were mentioned in the feed. 

Example @KikiYoung or @AndrewBelonzi

The second place to find this team support is though private chat feeds between you and other CMs regarding particular scheduling concerns. Seeing we operate the majority of our business in a virtual world, these chats provide the opportunity to build relationships with your colleges and gain a deeper sense of community with you Clean Day team.

The 3rd place you can build team comradery is during Water Cooler Wednesday gatherings or other team events! Many of our CM team attend group events and its a great place to meet face-to-face. All team events are posted in the Connecteam app in the main feed. 

How To Quote A Job

Steps to Quoting a Job:

  • Do Your Research
  • Have a “Quote in Mind” 
  • Assess the Property
  • Make the Quote

 Determine the “Type” of Clean

  • Standard or Complex?
  • Use your Quote estimators for Assistance
  • If you are unsure- Do Not Quote! 

Do Your Research

Use the info provided in your Meet and Greet Schedule (name, address, and any additional details) to learn more about what you’re walking into.

Size of home, condition of the home, type of neighborhood, information on the client if they are easily found on social media, such as the age of your client, do they have kids, pet, hobbies, photos of the condition of their home. Any info you can prepare yourself with can be helpful when trying to connect with your client on a more personal level.

Background research may also come in handy when game planning a quote. Having a rough quote in mind, based on preliminary details, can be very helpful when it becomes time to talk numbers with the client. 

Have a housekeeper/s in mind for your client and a few rough dates in mind before you arrive (when we are not operating on a waitlist). Also, have a preliminary plan in place as to what a repeat schedule may look like in the future. 

Use this starting data to have a baseline quote in mind.

Have a Quote in Mind

  • Go to the home with a quote in mind
    • Using the research you gathered prior
    • Using Data in your job notes
    • Use the Quote estimators prior to arriving 

Assessing The Property

Remember Your Observational Data

What you need to look for during your tour in order to make
an accurate and educated quote:

1. Size / Sq Ft of home
2. Size of rooms and amount of furniture (more furniture = more time)
3. Clutter!
4. Pet Hair
5. Dirt/ Dust/ Debris Build Up Along baseboards and walls / Under and around furniture /
Tile / Grout/ Around the base of the toilet/ Color of porcelain
tubs and sinks/ Color of the toilet bowl/ Window Sills/ Ceiling fans/ Vents and radiators / Doorknobs/ Light Switches/ Door
Frames / Marks on Walls/ Build up of debris on stairs/
Banisters and woodwork/ On top flat surfaces/ Grease and
food build up on stovetop/ Build up on appliances/ Marks on
cupboards and cabinets/ Dirt level on floors

More Important Things To Look For...

  • Landscaping- is it well kept?
  • Shoes- Does the client request you to remove your shoes upon entry? Do they feel challenging off the bat?
  • How detailed are they with their requests and instructions?
  • Does the house have a lot of clutter?
    Does the house have a lot of “stuff” i.e. knick-knacks
  • Did the client’s home seem to be “precleaned before you arrived? Did they express they cleaned before you arrived? Is it possible when the housekeeper arrives it will be in disarray?
  • Budget- have they expressed any concern? Do they give the impression budget is not a concern?
  • How many people live in the home- adults, children, pets? (The more movement in the home the more build-up there will be each cleaning.)
  • How many stairwells? (approximately 15 to 20 minutes each)
  • Kids bedrooms/clutter?
  • Bathrooms, specifically showers, tubs can be a time investment. 

Calculate Your Quote

  • Frequency? 
    • How often does your client want our service? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, as needed, etc.?)
  • Type of Cleaning Requested?
    • Standard Clean
      • Finish Job no matter what
      • Leave when shift is over
    • Project/Complex Clean
      • Multi-Part Cleaning
      • Room(s) at a time
      • Client Assisted; Organization
      • Team Clean 
    • Initial Deep Clean


  • Timing
      • How long will the Job take?
        • Research data
        • Assessment data from walk through
        • Add time (2-4 hrs) for Deep Cleaning
      • Price per Hour and Do the Math!
        • 8 hours x $40/hr= $320+$10 supply fee
      • Standard Cleaning Quotes can be done on site 


Use Quote Estimators

  • The Quote Estimators are found in Google Drive in the Client Manager Folder
  • The Quote Estimators will give you “Ballpark” numbers with which to base your quote (but always quote high)
  • Be sure to take into account the soil level of the home, the estimated square feet that will need addressed, and how detailed the cleaning will be
  • The Quote Estimators are just a tool to assist you in making a quote 
  • Make sure to take into consideration all aspects of the cleaning        



    • Let the client know that you will need just a little time to put together a customized quote to meet their needs and you will be sending this to them via email
    • Ask for assistance if you need it.. we are a team for a reason! 
    • Quoting takes time to get good at and confidence will come with experience
    • If it is a complex situation, put together a details quote with extensive details


Don't Forget Your M&G Checklist!

Gathering ALL the proper data is crucial in delivering a successful quote!

Printable or make a copy inside the Google Drive

....Make Sure to Ask All The Right Questions

Print And Take On-Site

Deep Clean Quote Estimator

Visit Each Quote Estimator and Study. Do not move forward until you feel confident in ready and understanding these crucial documents.

Make the Quote!!!

Having confidence in your quote means knowing the value of your offering and trusting that others will recognize the benefits of your service too. Without confidence in your quote you are more likely to lose the sale altogether, be worked down to a lower quote, or worse yet, you will schedule fewer hours than are needed by the client’s request and the cleaning will not be successful. And that can lead to a costly loss for you and the business.

But, having confidence means understanding the value you offer, effectively communicating, and presenting the proposal which then results in getting noticed for all the right reasons and increasing your income! The clients of confident people do not question or undermine what the services or products are worth but pay what the Client Manager decides it is worth – because the client will see it as good value for the money.


So this is when having your quote mentally prepared ahead of time is so important. Using all the data that you have gathered from before you arrived, during your tour, the quote estimators and from past experience, it is now time for you to… 

Close The Deal!!!

    • Let the client know that you will need just a little time to put together a customized quote to meet their needs and you will be sending this to them via email
    • Ask for assistance if you need it.. we are a team for a reason! 
    • Quoting takes time to get good at and confidence will come with experience
    • If it is a complex situation, put together a details quote with extensive details


  • Deposit and Minimum Requirements 

Our Client Manager team relies on repeat clients to build their commissions. CM’s put in a good bit of work in the early stages of working with a client but as time goes by, and things are running smoothly, time requirements are minimal and the payout is at the maximum.

One Time and Moving Cleans are unique in that require clients to pay a much larger amount to compensate you, the CM, and the business for its time and energy without the opportunity of future revenue.

This makes it necessary to charge a much larger minimum per hour, minimum hours required, and a 50% deposit. 

  • $50 Minimum Per Hour
  • 5 Hour Minimum Time Frame
  • 50% Deposit Of The Lowest Quoted Amount Before Service

The Moving Clean

Meet & Greet and Scheduling

All storage units will soon be equipped with additional equipment specific for more complex cleanings. Each unit will have a 3 step ladder and an extendable cleaning toolset for cleaning walls and ceilings above 8 feet in height.

If your cleaning requires these additional tools you will need to make sure they make it on-site for the scheduled service. You can either pick them up and deliver them onsite yourself or you can have your team lead pick up this equipment prior to the cleaning upon request.

We recommend also making sure your cleaning team has additional paper towels, magic erasers, and rags on-site for these more complex cleanings. These can also be picked up by your team lead upon request.

Quoting a Moving Clean

How to quote and communicate with your moving clean client

Step 1. Enter Client Manager Folder / Then the Templates Subfolder

Step 2. Locate Email Template and Quote Attachment Template

Step 4. Copy the “Email Quote Moving Clean Template” into a Email to your Client 

Step 5. Open the Quote Attachment Template and Make a Copy

Instructions On How to Make A Copy of Drive Files

Navigating Connecteam

Connecteam Client Manager Training


As a basic step by step process, this is how you will add information to Connecteam. 

  • Begin by entering the Scheduler / Cleaning Schedule
  • Click on the “Jobs” button in the top right corner
  • Add all your client data, name, address, assigned CM, and extensive general details 
  • Also assign your chosen CM color to the Job
  • After the Job (or Client) has been added its time to create a shift. 
  • Shifts are added to the calendar by clicking on the blue + symbol
  • Add Date, Time, Shift title (should be the Clients Name), Select your Job (save client data), Yourself as the CM, the assigned user, or housekeeper. Do not add notes at this point. 
  • Next, set on a repeat schedule if needed 
  • You may now Publish or Save as Draft if you still have more kinks to work out.


Deep & Moving Cleans

On more complex cleanings, such as deep cleans and moving cleans, adding a checklist for your team leader is an important step. 

These checklists are general and cover the more traditional cleaning tasks that will be completed by your housekeeping team. You must assign these lists to the individual shift of your assigned team leader. 

The Team Leader is responsible to assign each housekeeper with cleaning tasks and responsibilities. Throughout and at the end of the cleaning the team lead will check over every room and space on the property to make sure everything has been completed to the best of our ability. 

The team leader is a housekeeper of your choosing. You should choose a housekeeper with a great track record and experience in performing/leading complex cleanings. You can ask your fellow CM’s for recommendations on who you should assign as a team lead if you are unsure.


NEVER schedule a Moving Clean or Complex Deep Clean without assigning a Team Leader and attaching a Checklist.

Stop Here Until Further Instruction