Training Week 2

  1. How to Quote a Job
  2. Using Quote Estimators
  3.  Sending the Quote
  4. Promos and Discounts
  5. Client Manager Database
  6. Navigating Connecteams
  7. Client Manager Sales Goals
  8. 1-on-1’s

How To Quote A Job

Assessing The Property to Quote

Remember Your Observational Data

What you need to look for during your tour in order to make
an accurate and educated quote:

1. Size / Sq Ft of home
2. Size of rooms and amount of furniture (more furniture = more time)
3. Clutter!
4. Pet Hair
5. Dirt/ Dust/ Debris Build Up Along baseboards and walls / Under and around furniture /
Tile / Grout/ Around the base of the toilet/ Color of porcelain
tubs and sinks/ Color of the toilet bowl/ Window Sills/ Ceiling fans/ Vents and radiators / Doorknobs/ Light Switches/ Door
Frames / Marks on Walls/ Build up of debris on stairs/
Banisters and woodwork/ On top flat surfaces/ Grease and
food build up on stovetop/ Build up on appliances/ Marks on
cupboards and cabinets/ Dirt level on floors

More Important Things To Look For...

  • Landscaping- is it well kept?
  • Shoes- Does the client request you to remove your shoes upon entry? Do they feel challenging off the bat?
  • How detailed are they with their requests and instructions?
  • Does the house have a lot of clutter?
    Does the house have a lot of “stuff” i.e. knick-knacks
  • Did the client’s home seem to be “precleaned before you arrived? Did they express they cleaned before you arrived? Is it possible when the housekeeper arrives it will be in disarray?
  • Budget- have they expressed any concern? Do they give the impression budget is not a concern?
  • How many people live in the home- adults, children, pets? (The more movement in the home the more build-up there will be each cleaning.)
  • How many stairwells? (approximately 15 to 20 minutes each)
  • Kids bedrooms/clutter?
  • Bathrooms, specifically showers, tubs can be a time investment. 

Calculate Your Quote

  • Frequency? 
    • How often does your client want our service? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, as needed, etc.?)
  • Type of Cleaning Requested?
    • Standard Clean
      • Finish Job no matter what
      • Leave when shift is over
    • Project/Complex Clean
      • Multi-Part Cleaning
      • Room(s) at a time
      • Client Assisted; Organization
      • Team Clean 
    • Initial Deep Clean


  • Timing
      • How long will the Job take?
        • Research data
        • Assessment data from walk through
        • Add time (2-4 hrs) for Deep Cleaning
      • Price per Hour and Do the Math!
        • 8 hours x $50/hr= $400+$10 supply fee

Use Quote Estimators

  • The Quote Estimators are found in Google Drive in the Client Manager Folder
  • The Quote Estimators will give you “Ballpark” numbers with which to base your quote (but always quote high)
  • Be sure to take into account the soil level of the home, the estimated square feet that will need addressed, and how detailed the cleaning will be
  • The Quote Estimators are just a tool to assist you in making a quote 
  • Make sure to take into consideration all aspects of the cleaning        


Deep Clean Quote Estimator

Visit Each Quote Estimator and Study. Do not move forward until you feel confident in ready and understanding these crucial documents.

Sending the Quote

  • Email the Quote
      • After you have gathered all the needed data and decided upon the number of hours needed and the price for your quote its time to copy and paste the Email Template into an email to your client. 
      • Locate the template in Google Drive, copy and paste it into an email draft, and edit it as needed for your client. 
  • Send it to the Client
      • Send your email
      • If the client texts as a main form of communication you should text them and let them know you sent them the quote to their email so they are aware to look for it.  
      • If the client communicates by phone give them a quick phone call to inform them you sent the quote by email for them to review
  • Follow Up!
      • If you don’t hear back from the client right away don’t sweat it! People are busy and sometimes need reminders. 
      • Give the client a few days and Follow UP!
      • Reach out by text again to see if they got your quote and let them know if the quote doesn’t work you would be up for a phone call to see if you can get the price down. 
      • Be persistent and follow up several times before accepting a loss. 

Promos and Discounts

Client Manager Database

Logging Client Data

As the Co-Owner of Clean Day I worry about a lot on a daily basis, but there is one thing I worry about the most. One thing that I lay awake dreading, panicking about, praying it will never happen. EVER EVER EVER!…. 

“What if a Client Manager leaves us with NO Client Data?” 

As every company does, we experience turnover. Not only in our housekeeping staff but also amongst out management team. When a Client Manager decides to leave the company, or is unexpectedly pulled away, it is CRUTIAL that they have entered ALL their client data.

Your clients are YOUR responsibility. In order for you to ensure they are cared for, as you know they deserve, you need to have ALL of their data available in one easy access point. 


Client Manager Database Training

Navigating Connecteam

Video on it's way!

Client Manager Sales Goals

You have learned a lot these past few weeks but this may be the most important thing you learn as a Clean Day Client Manager… Sales and Growth are King!! (or Queen)

We talk a lot about sales in business.  


Because sales are the heartbeat of a business. If you don’t have sales you will not survive, if you don’t convert you are wasting resources, if you don’t meet goals you will not grow. And “Growth” is our number one goal. We strive to grow our systems, our knowledge, our brand, our good reputation, our team, our client roster, our revenues, and our paychecks. 

So how do we do this? How do we grow?

As the CEO and co-owner of Clean Day, Jessica Belonzi has had one golden rule that she relies on daily. 

“If you find something isn’t working you need to find out why and then you need to find a solution. Everything can be fixed, as long as your brave enough to admit it was broken in the first place.”

In order to grow, both in business and in your own personal life, you have to be aware of the potholes and when you have fallen into one. You don’t always see the potholes before you fall into them. This is just the way it goes. But when you find yourself at the bottom, in over your head and a bit dinged up, ask yourself why? Why was that hole there? What was the cause of the hole? How did you not see it coming? Then assess, address, patch the hole, and move forward. At least when it comes to that specific pothole, you will never fall into it again. 

This is how we grow, and this is how you grow a business. 

You set goals for yourself and you strive to meet them. Just like traveling on a beautiful country road heading to a final destination. Things can slow you down, just like potholes, but once you are past them you don’t turn back and you learn better what to look for in the future.

Eventually, you gain momentum. You gain speed. You gain wisdom. You grow. 

So what does all of this have to do with you being a Client Manager? That’s simple… Its EVERYTHING to do with being a Client Manager.

Your role consists of many responsibilities, but your number one responsibility is to meet your sales goals. Your ability to convert your Meet and Greets into scheduled jobs and in turn into revenue is the foundation of Clean Day. 

So what will your sales goals look like? 

We know words like conversion, revenues, and sales goals can sound intimidating but fortunately, you work for a pretty easy-going company. Each CM will have a sales goal set for them each month based on their previous month’s sales and the amount of M&G they have scheduled. These goals are generally modest and are not “mandatory” but more highly encouraged. We set goals for each CM that in turn adds up to the team goal for the month. 

Let’s say you scheduled 5 cleanings your first month with a total of $1000 in sales. You also have 10 M&G’s scheduled over the next 3 weeks. Your sales goal for the next month might be $2500, with hopes you can schedule 12 to 13 total cleanings with an average of $200 a cleaning. 

As most of our client’s schedule cleanings on a repeat basis and the revenues roll over month by month your sales can add up quickly. We have Client Managers that have been with the company for only 6 months that are producing 10,000 or more in monthly sales without breaking a sweat. Just keep in mind that we are not going to ask more of you than you are able to give. If you feel overwhelmed just let us know and we will adjust your schedule so you can get caught up. If you are wanting more clients and feel ambitious we can help you with that as well.

Being a Clean Day Client Manager should fit your life comfortably and your sales goals should never feel overwhelming, but these goals keep us all on track and striving for more. The more sales you make the more work is provided to our team, the more happy customers we serve and the more commissions you make.

Remember, this is a journey. You are starting at the beginning of a road and there will be potholes here and there. Some you will avoid and some you will fall into but you will get better at spotting them as you go. As long as you reach out for help when you are down and learn from the mistakes there’s nothing that can stop you. 

We are excited for you to be on this journey and grow alongside us, both as an individual and as a small business. 

It’s now time to gain momentum, gain speed, gain wisdom and grow!

The 1-on-1

CM Director Kati Bernauer

Once you have officially embarked on your CM journey, are attending M&Gs, scheduling jobs, and generating commissions your manager will continue to reach out to schedule regular 1-on-1’s

These conversations can happen by phone, zoom, or even over coffee but your manager will make it a point to not miss scheduled time to catch up. Kati will use this “touch-point” template for this 1-on-1 to make sure you are touching on all aspects of your role so that they can lend support and help you continue to succeed.

CM HR Talking Points:

  • How are things going within the CM team?
  • How are things going with scheduling?
  • Specific Housekeeper performance concerns
  • Burn out, overwhelmed, where you personally need support?

Overall Sales and Sales Goals

  • This week’s scheduled hours
  • Next week’s Scheduled hours
  • Current # of Active Clients
  • Next month’s personal goals
  • Any Lost Clients?
  • Added to the Client Complaints Database
  • Can we salvage and/or replace them?
  • Added to the Client calls database


  • Meet and Greet comments questions or concerns
  • Number of Meet and Greets in the last few weeks
  • How many have been converted to cleans
  • Quoting concerns or support needed

Take advantage of this time to ask for all the support you need. This is also a chance for you to give us your input on how we can improve our services and operations company-wide. Here at Clean Day, we are all ears and we value our team’s opinions and suggestions. 

Make sure to fill out your Weekly Acknowledgment form every week and on time. The link to this form is located on the last page of The Weekly each week. This form helps give management the insight needed to better support you in your role.