Welcome to the Clean Day family!

Pittsburgh PA, Erie Pa, Columbus OH, Cleaning Service

You will work with the CM director and an assigned mentor throughout your training

Starting Requierments

  • Have a computer or laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Have a cell phone with smart capabilities
  • Have a personal vehicle and a valid driver’s license

Starting Requirements

  • All CMs must maintain an open line for communication between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Can be reached by clients in case of emergencies
  • Can be reached by the Clean Day staff line in case of scheduling complications
  • Must remain aware and watchful over any scheduled shift in case communication is needed
  • A minimum requirement of $13,500 in sales ($800 in commissions) in a fiscal month in required (a 4-week period made up of 2 pay periods)
  • 10 Meet and Greets a month is required (most M&G’s can be scheduled back to back according to your availability)
  • A minimum of 10 full work hours a week is required
  • If at any time you are taking time away or will be unavailable during normal work hours you must arrange coverage for your shifts

Create a Clean Day
Gmail Account

  • All Clean Day management team members have a Clean Day Gmail account that they use for all business communications
  • This email address will also give you access to all the needed software and systems
  • Example: cleandayhousekeeping.sue@gmail.com


To start your training you will need to download Connecteams to your phone and computer 

You will receive an invitation to your new Clean Day Email Address 


  • Once you’ve created your Gmail account and downloaded Connecteams to your phone WAIT for a email invitation to login

After this call

  • Visit this website www.cleandayhousekeeping.com/cmnew
  • Watch these videos on the Connecteam app

What is Connecteam

General Users Manual

How to Navigate the App

Create Your Profile

Create a User Profile

Navigater Your Job Schedule

View your Job Schedule

Using The Time Clock

Using the Time Clock

When to clock in?

  • You do not need to clock in for training online
  • Your baseline stipend is effective as of today and will cover your training hours
  • DO clock in using the CT app for onsite Meet and Greets that you will be attending during your 3rd and 4th weeks of training 

Navigating the Job Schedule

  • You will find your CM Training Schedule and inside the “Job Schedule” tab and inside the Client Managers Schedule 
  • Your schedule will appear in your designated color and with your profile picture on the right hand side

Training Shifts

  • Your shifts will appear with all the needed details, instructions, and links
  • These shifts will be scheduled for the duration of the day (9 am to 5 pm) but can be completed at any time of the day or night

Training Shifts

  • Using your phone or computer scroll down through each training, read all material, and watch all training videos

Training Website

  • You can also access each training at any time through the website links
  • The training websites are as follows:
  • www.cleandayhousekeeping.com/cmweek1part1
  • www.cleandayhousekeeping.com/cmweek1part2
  •  www.cleandayhousekeeping.com/cmweek2
  • www.cleandayhousekeeping.com/cmweek3

During and After Training

  • You will now have access to the Connecteam chat feeds, and they can be busy. Set notifications accordingly (this will be taught in training).  Silence all feeds that are not prudent to you during training but make sure to turn them on once you are actively scheduling clients
  • You will be required to attend One-on-One zoom calls with management or your mentor throughout and following your training. Each CM is required to meet with management one to two times per month
  • Read The Weekly and submit your weekly acknowledgment forms each week on time 

The Weekly

The Weekly Acknowledgement Form

  • Every Monday by 12 noon the newest edition of The Weekly is posted
  • It contains all prudent information regarding company happenings, sales goals, continuous education, staff turnover updates, and more
  • All past and newly posted issues of The Weekly can be found at www.cleandayhousekeeping.com/theweekly
  • It’s important to carefully read and retain all the information in each edition of The Weekly as the information will directly affect you and your clients. By paying careful attention to each section of these newsletters, you will be in a better position to make informed decisions about your scheduling arrangements
  • Submitting the acknowledgment forms is how management can make sure you have read and retained this information in addition to giving you an opportunity to give us your feedback 

Next Steps

  • Within the next 24 hours create your cleandayhousekeeping.yourname Gmail account
  • Accept your invite from Connecteam 
  • Keep and eye out for invitations to the Google Drive 
  • Visit this website www.cleandayhousekeeping.com/cmnew and watch the Connecteam training tutorials