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Client Manager Training
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Client Forms

In-person Meet & Greet Forms

Before you leave the clients home you will need them to sign off on several important forms. These forms can be found in the Connecteam app.

Virtual Meet & Greet Forms

When conduction a virtual M&G you do not have the opportunity to work with the client through the client forms inside the Connecteams app but you have the Clean Day Welcome Form in its place.

Quote Estimators

We are all familiar with the Quote Estimators but they have been out dated and in need of a over haul for a long time now.

Now that they have been updated, please refamiliarize yourself with the "New and Improved" Clean Day Quote estimators.

Deep Clean Quote Estimator

The Moving Clean

Meet & Greet and Scheduling

All storage units will soon be equipped with additional equipment specific for more complex cleanings. Each unit will have a 3 step ladder and an extendable cleaning toolset for cleaning walls and ceilings above 8 feet in height.

If your cleaning requires these additional tools you will need to make sure they make it on-site for the scheduled service. You can either pick them up and deliver them onsite yourself or you can have your team lead pick up this equipment prior to the cleaning upon request.

We recommend also making sure your cleaning team has additional paper towels, magic erasers, and rags on-site for these more complex cleanings. These can also be picked up by your team lead upon request.

  • Deposit and Minimum Requirements 

Our Client Manager team relies on repeat clients to build their commissions. CM’s put in a good bit of work in the early stages of working with a client but as time goes by, and things are running smoothly, time requirements are minimal and the payout is at the maximum.

One Time and Moving Cleans are unique in that require clients to pay a much larger amount to compensate you, the CM, and the business for its time and energy without the opportunity of future revenue.

This makes it necessary to charge a much larger minimum per hour, minimum hours required, and a 50% deposit. 

  • $50 Minimum Per Hour
  • 5 Hour Minimum Time Frame
  • 50% Deposit Of The Lowest Quoted Amount Before Service

Quoting a Moving Clean

How to quote and communicate with your moving clean client

Step 1. Enter Client Manager Folder / Then the Templates Subfolder

Step 2. Locate Email Template and Quote Attachment Template

Step 4. Copy the “Email Quote Moving Clean Template” into a Email to your Client 

Step 5. Open the Quote Attachment Template and Make a Copy


Deep & Moving Cleans

On more complex cleanings, such as deep cleans and moving cleans, adding a checklist for your team leader is an important step. 

These checklists are general and cover the more traditional cleaning tasks that will be completed by your housekeeping team. You must assign these lists to the individual shift of your assigned team leader. 

The Team Leader is responsible to assign each housekeeper with cleaning tasks and responsibilities. Throughout and at the end of the cleaning the team lead will check over every room and space on the property to make sure everything has been completed to the best of our ability. 

The team leader is a housekeeper of your choosing. You should choose a housekeeper with a great track record and experience in performing/leading complex cleanings. You can ask your fellow CM’s for recommendations on who you should assign as a team lead if you are unsure.


NEVER schedule a Moving Clean or Complex Deep Clean without assigning a Team Leader and attaching a Checklist.

Logging Client Data

Client Manager Assignment Listing

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Enter Client Manager Folder 

Step 2. Open Client Manager Assignment Listing

Step 3. Locate your tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet

Step 2. Enter all client data and keep it up to date at all times

Logging Clients into Connecteam

Adding the Job (Client Info)

Please use this template EVERY TIME you create a new job/client and be as descritive as possible when writing your details.

Housekeepers depend on your details so they can provide the client with the best possible cleaning. There is no such thing as “to many” details.

Whom Shall I Send?

This final video isn’t new material but its a new video for our CM training program. This video just doubles down on scheduling our housekeepers and all the steps you need to follow to make sure that you are settting this cleaning up for succsess!

It never hurts to refresh your memory!