Team Leader

Continued Education

The Team Leader

Every cleaning needs to start with a solid plan! In a Moving Clean, this plan will be formulated by the Team Lead. This team leader will be assigned by the Client Manager in charge of the cleaning and will be a housekeeper with experience in complex cleanings and team leadership.

The Team Leader Will:

  • Assign designated rooms and responsibilities to each team member, including themselves
  • Regularly check on the progress of the team to gauge timing
  • Check-in with the Staff Line or CM of the job with progress reports
  • Thoroughly check over each completed space to make sure everything has been done to the best of our ability 
  • Fill out and submit the Cleaning Checklist assigned by the CM to ensure all cleaning tasks were completed
  • Inform the CM of any complications or problems that may occur on-site 
  • Take responsibility if the cleaning is not done correctly and to the highest standard
  • Prior to the cleaning: Pick up any additional supplies needed from the supply units such as extra paper towels, magic erasers, rags, or equipment. 

(These extra tasks will be compensated with mileage and drivetime payment) 

Moving Cleaning Video

Team Lead Perks

  • An additional $3 per hour paid during moving clean ($4 on weekend)
  • Paid mileage for travel to and from supply unit for moving clean supply pick-up

Team Lead Responsibilities

  • Picking up equipment and extra supplies if needed and requested by the assigning CM
  • Managing and leading the Clean Day team and assigning each team member to designated tasks or spaces
  • Helping team members with instruction and guidance if needed
  • Managing time for the entire team and making sure the job as a whole is staying on course as much as possible
  • Conduction periodic check-ins with all team members
  • Communicating with the CM of the job with updates throughout 
  • Communication with the CM about any issues that may occur during the cleaning
  • Managing and instructing team members if their cleaned rooms/ spaces or tasks need more attention and are not up to our standard
  • Must be respectful and kind to all team members while also delivering constructive criticism if needed
  • Filling out and submitting the on-site checklist at the end of the moving or deep clean and sign off that all areas of the home or property are cleaned to the best of our ability
  • Must take accountability if the cleaning is not up to par and the client /CM have concerns regarding the cleaning provided by the team
  • Team Leads must work for Clean Day for an extended period of time prior to being assigned
  • Team Leads must have experience with extensive team deep cleans or moving cleans prior to being assigned
  • Most Team Leads will have already been promoted to a Trainer (but this is not a requirement)
  • Team Leads have proven they are reliable, trustworthy, and good at problem-solving throughout their time as a Clean Day Housekeeper

If you are interested in becoming a Team Lead for deep cleans and moving cleans you may reach out, at any time, to the Staff Line or our HR department with your request.