Standard Clean Checklist



  • Neaten and Tidy
  • Remove loose items from bathroom 
  • High dusting (fans, light fixtures, etc…) using swiffer unless it needs hot soapy water
  • Wipe shower top to bottom ( use soft scrub and magic eraser to remove stains and a scrub brush on grout if needed)
  • Clean shower doors if glass with glass cleaner ( using magic eraser as well if there is any water staining or  build up)
  • Scrub bathtub if applicable in same manor
  • Clean toilet (focus on all aspects of the toilet including bowl, behind, and around the bottom) 
  • Wipe all light switches, outlet covers, door handles and knobs
  • Wipe all cabinets and baseboards with hot soapy water
  • Clean all glass and mirrors
  • Clean sink
  • Sweep and mop floor 
  • Empty all trash and replace trash bags (wipe trash can)
  • Wipe loose items and return neatly
  • Sweep any rugs and place back (or replace with clean ones)



  • Neaten and Tidy
  • Start waist up!
  • High dusting (Swiffer)
  • Dust tops of door frames and window sills
  • Clean front of the refrigerator
  • Wipe upper cupboard fronts (dry if need be)
  • Wipe oven vent hood if applicable using hot soapy water
  • Clean all appliance fronts from top to bottom. Remove all dirt, fingerprints, marks and residue, clean handles and edges
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave removing all food particles
  • Scrub stovetop thoroughly removing all residue and debris
  • Wipe backsplashes and walls behind counters
  • Scrub counters, move all items to clean under, and place back
  • Wipe down jars and counter items
  • Clean glass and windows
  • Waist Down!
  • Initially vacuum floors
  • Clean lower cabinets with hot soapy water removing all marks 
  • Dust all baseboards
  • Wipe doorknobs, handles, light switches, and outlet covers
  • Empty all trash and recycling and replace bags
  • Sweep area rugs, fold and place out of the way
  • Sweep floors
  • Mop yourself out of room
  • Dry floors/ or let air dry
  • Replace rugs

Living Spaces/ Bedrooms


  • Neaten and Tidy
  • Make beds/ change sheets if applicable/ fold blankets/ sweep furniture and straighten and clean pillows (clean ceiling fan first if above bed)
  • Dust all ceiling fans, door frames, window frames/sills, and upper dusting using Swiffer (polish if needed)
  • Dust all wall hangings, shelving, and hanging pictures with Swiffer (polish if needed)
  • Dust all chair rails and mantles
  • Clean windows and spot check walls
  • Check blinds and window coverings
  • Clean all glass and mirrors
  • Wipe doorknobs, handles, light switches, and outlet covers
  • Dust all knick-knacks and decor on surfaces
  • Polish all dressers, bed frames, and furniture surfaces and faces (remove items to clean under and place back
  • Sweep all baseboards with a vacuum hose
  • Sweep around furniture edges and behind if possible
  • Empty all trash and replace bags 
  • Sweep all floors (fold throw rugs if applicable after sweeping them)
  • Mop hard floors and dry to avoid watermarks
  • Clean all hallways and entryways in the same manner

Housekeeping Customized
To You

During your complimentary Meet and Greet with your Clean Day Client Manager you will have the opportunity to Customize Your Cleaning Checklist to fit your individual needs. Because every home and client is unique and one size does not fit all.


What We Do

Standard Clean

Our Standard Cleaning Check List covers all of your home's regular cleaning needs. It's our most requested cleaning checklist performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis

Deep Clean

Our Deep Cleaning Service will have your home looking it's absolute best! We suggest all new client start with a Deep Clean followed by or Standard Cleaning Services on a recurring basis.

Moving / Listing

Our Moving Cleaning Service is a specialty service provided by our highly trained and skilled housekeeping staff. We provide all equipment, supplies, and guarantee your satisfaction

Washing Sheets

... Yep. We do that.


Consider it done.

Other Cleaning Tasks

Check, Check, and Check!