Day 4
Training Guide

Work your way through the Day 4 Training Guide by watching the videos and carefully reading all of the content. It takes about an hour to complete. You will be implementing this information during your career as a Clean Day Housekeeper.

Please be prepared to take the Clean Day Way Day 4 Quiz at the end of this guide and submit before your forth and final day of physical training.  

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Play it safe!

This next section will cover all the Do's and Don'ts of Housekeeping Safety.

We come across many hazards in the field. From chemicals, dust, slips and falls, step ladders, dehydration and fatigue. These, carefully selected, videos below cover many of the hazards you may come across and how to properly address these situations in the safest possible ways.

Protect Your Hands

and Wear Gloves

Stay Hydrated

Body Safety

Lifting Rules

Slips and Falls

Mixing Chemicals

Ladder Safety

Cleaning up Poop, Pee, and other Lovely Messes

As housekeepers you may on occasion run into some "lovely messes". From a dead mouse in a trap under the kitchen sink, cat barf on a living room chair, to a doggy accident on the kitchen floor. These are not completely uncommon messes and even our cleanest of clients may not notice that their pet had an accident after they left the home.
In these situations, we ask for you to use your best judgment. If you would clean up these small messes for your own pets or in your own home then we ask you help your client out and clean up these minor inconveniences for them as well.
To clean any of these messes, we ask that you ALWAYS wear your gloves. Pick up the mess with paper towels so that the waste doesn't come in contact with your skin, then dispose of in a plastic bag and discard. Clean the area with all-purpose spray or Dawn dish soap to sanitize.

Where we draw the line....

If you walk into a job and are overwhelmed by the smell of urine or feces. If you find that there is a large amount of hazardous material throughout the home, such as a mouse infestation or hoarding situation. If you have a client that has had incontinence issues and requests you clean it... This is when you excuse yourself and contact the staff line followed by your manager.
We do visit most properties for a consultation prior to scheduling but occasionally we perform virtual consults or a job is "sight unseen".
We never want you to work in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Never hesitate to reach out to the staff line and management with questions regarding a questionable hazard. You may also leave a job at any time if you truly feel the environment is hazardous.
Clients are made aware that we will not clean these type of materials in any situation. Here is a screenshot of our Client Hazardous Material Policy that they acknowledge and sign.

Stay Fueled Up!

This final video is not "required" or part of the Day 4 Quiz, but we highly recommend you watch it! Learn about some quick and easy healthy snack ideas that are perfect to munch on throughout the work day, to keep you fueled and full of energy!

Clean Day
Safety Musts!!!

Gloves, Dust masks, Hydration, Healthy Snacks, Product Knowledge and Proper Lifting and Bending Techniques 

Time To Get Your Supplies!

Once you have received your official "Welcome Call" from our management team it will be time to pick up your cleaning supplies. This video will give you all the information you need to access our supply units and check out your supplies.

If you have any questions or problems accessing our supply units you may reach out to the Staff Line for further instruction.

Claim Mileage and Get Reimbursed!

Once you have received your official "Welcome Call" from our management team you will be able to start claiming your miles on all future travel.

You will be paid .40 per mile on all miles you travel OVER 10 miles one way. Mileage payouts are made on the opposite Fridays of payday. They are made via Paypal and are not taxed

Client Cancelation Protocol

That's a Wrap!