Day 1
Training Guide

Work your way through the Day 1 Training Guide by watching the videos and carefully reading all of the content. It takes about an hour to complete. You will be implementing this information during your first on site training day.

Each day of training will be accompanied by an online guide and at the end of each guide you will be asked to take a short quiz. This quiz will test how well you retained the information presented. 

Please be prepared to take the Clean Day Way Day 1 Quiz at the end of this guide and submit before your first day of physical training.  

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Welcome Aboard

Please watch our Clean Day Way intro Training Video 

  • Why Clean Day Was Founded
  • What to Expect During Training 
  • How Our Team Works Together 
  • What Will Your Schedule look Like

What is Connecteam and why do we LOVE it!

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Clean Day Products

Please watch our Clean Day Way Training Video #2

What products will you be using and how to use them. 

Let's Start at the Beginning

"You can't be great at something until you understand why you're good at it"
We at Clean Day believe there are many ways to get the job done. We also know and understand that some ways are better than others. This training guide will take you through the steps we find to be best. We call it "The Clean Day Way"and it all starts with the Golden Rules!

Our Cleaning Golden Rules

Before you start to clean any home you “Assess”. You never know what you might find in the next room and there may be a project that will use a good bit of your time. Do sheets need to be washed? Did your client have guests stay? Is there a sink full of dirty dishes? Always assess the job at hand, then decide the best plan of attack for your available time frame.

In every space we clean we start high and work low. There is nothing more annoying than cleaning a bright white porcelain sink till there isn’t a speck of hair left behind, then noticing you forgot to dust off the light fixture above it. You then knock dust bunnies and hair all over your once perfectly shiny sink! When working high to low you will save yourself a ton of time repeating jobs that should only need done once.

The Housekeeper may do the work but the product is the tool that helps us get it done right. Know your products! Know how they work and on what surfaces. If you aren’t familiar with a product do some research. Using the right product for the job at hand will make the job easier and result in a better outcome. 

We can never use to many paper towels. You will find yourself with a wad of paper towels always in your hands. You’ll dry a clean counter and then use those same paper towels to get a finger print off of some stainless steel, followed by wiping off some smudges from a light switch, before finally throwing them away.  

We NEVER use rags on toilets, we only use paper towels on glass and the dirtier the job, the more we use.

Here at Clean Day we have a uniform that is mandatory at each job. You will be presented with a Clean Day T-shirt on your first training day and once training is complete you will receive several more. We also have hoodies available for $20. 

You MUST wear black pants. Leggings, cotton bottoms, yoga pants, carpi’s, and athletic-wear are all acceptable. DO NOT wear, printed bottoms, pajama pants, bold or bright colored prints and steer clean of  jeans as they do not more or allow much flexibility. You can find black legging for under $10 at places like Walmart and Target. We recommend you don’t wear expensive bottoms because they can easily become stained and worn in the field.  

A good pair of sneakers with socks are also required. 

Your Clean Day T-shirt, black pants and sneakers will be your everyday uniform and must be well kept, clean and presentable.

We don’t expect our Housekeeping team to come to work with a full face of makeup and a camera ready hair-do, but we do expect you to be well kept. Please take the time to fix your hair and wash your face before arriving at a clients. We provide a high standard of clean and we want our outwardly appearance to reflect these standards company wide.  

Avoid injury and chafed skin by using rubber gloves while working with water and chemicals. This is a must! 

When cleaning small area or throw rugs we first vacuum (if applicable), or shake out the rugs well, followed by FOLDING the rug and placing it aside in order to clean the floor beneath. 

Do not shake out a rug where the floor has already been clean. Obviously. 

When a carpet is roll up, all the dirt on the bottom side of the carpet is transferred to the top of the carpet therefore dirtying up the carpet you just spent time cleaning. Always fold your carpets. Never Roll them!

This will take time to master but it can, and must be done. Use the “assess and address” method to decide what spaces in the home will need the most attention. 

Use a timer on your phone or choose and appropriate amount of time to address each space. Check the time regularly, move along quickly and efficiently. Continue to address all the main cleaning needs and avoiding “hyper focusing” on tiny details. 

Having a good understanding of what the customer expects to be done will help you focus on the priorities and not minor, unnecessary details.  

Every home and job are different. You will need to come up with your own system that is efficient for each space you clean. You will run into challenges and you will have to find the best ways to navigate these issues in a quick and effective way.   

Always double check your work, even if you are in a rush. Step back into the rooms you have completed and do a quick ‘once over’. Are the pillows in place? Is there a hair in the sink? Is there a fuzz on the floor? Looking back over your work is an important part of providing a higher standard of clean!  

Get to know your Vacuum!

Each of our Housekeepers are provided with their very own Shark Upright Professional Vacuum. It’s an amazing tool and is pivotal to our training program. Please take a few moments to learn all about it. 

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