Continued Education

  1. Checklists
  2. One Time Cleans
  3. Client Complaints Database 
  4. Auditing Your Schedule
  5. Client Follow-ups
  6. Utilizing the Clean Day Website 


Deep & Moving Cleans

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One Time Cleans

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Our Client Manager team relies on repeat clients to build their commissions. CM’s put in a good bit of work in the early stages of working with a client but as time goes by, and things are running smoothly, time requirements are minimal and the payout is at the maximum.

One Time and Moving Cleans are unique in that require clients to pay a much larger amount to compensate you, the CM, and the business for its time and energy without the opportunity of future revenue.

This makes it necessary to charge a much larger minimum per hour, minimum hours required, and a 50% deposit. 

  • $55 to $60 Minimum Per Hour
  • 5 Hour Minimum Time Frame
  • 50% Deposit of the Lowest Quoted Amount Before Service
  • Message our invoicing team to send a deposit invoice
  • The deposit MUST be paid prior to cleaning to take place

Client Complaints Database

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Auditing Your Schedule

Stay organized in managing all scheduling needs

Utilizing Dual Screen

Client Follow-ups

Adding Follow-up task reminders

Utilizing the Clean Day Website

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