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Client Manager Training
Week 4

Week 4 - Loose Ends

  • Meeting Your Sales Goals
  • Housekeepers Policies and Procedures
  • Housekeeper Turnover – What to Expect
  • Crossing the Finish Line

Client Manager Sales Goals

You have learned a lot these past few weeks but this may be the most important thing you learn as a Clean Day Client Manager… Sales and Growth are King!! (or Queen)

We talk a lot about sales in business. Why?

Because sales are the heartbeat of a business. If you don’t have sales you will not survive, if you don’t convert you are wasting resources, if you don’t meet goals you will not grow. And “Growth” is our number one goal. We strive to grow our systems, our knowledge, our brand, our good reputation, our team, our client roster, our revenues, and our paychecks. 

So how do we do this? How do we grow?

As the CEO and co-owner of Clean Day, Jessica Belonzi has had one golden rule that she relies on daily. 

“If you find something isn’t working you need to find out why and then you need to find a solution. Everything can be fixed, as long as your brave enough to admit it was broken in the first place.”

In order to grow, both in business and in your own personal life, you have to be aware of the potholes and when you have fallen into one. You don’t always see the potholes before you fall into them. This is just the way it goes. But when you find yourself at the bottom, in over your head and a bit dinged up, ask yourself why? Why was that hole there? What was the cause of the hole? How did you not see it coming? Then assess, address, patch the hole, and move forward. At least when it comes to that specific pothole, you will never fall into it again. 

This is how we grow, and this is how you grow a business. 

You set goals for yourself and you strive to meet them. Just like traveling on a beautiful country road heading to a final destination. Things can slow you down, just like potholes, but once you are past them you don’t turn back and you learn better what to look for in the future.

Eventually, you gain momentum. You gain speed. You gain wisdom. You grow. 

So what does all of this have to do with you being a Client Manager? That’s simple… Its EVERYTHING to do with being a Client Manager.

Your role consists of many responsibilities, but your number one responsibility is to meet your sales goals. Your ability to convert your Meet and Greets into scheduled jobs and in turn into revenue is the foundation of Clean Day. 

So what will your sales goals look like? 

We know words like conversion, revenues, and sales goals can sound intimidating but fortunately, you work for a pretty easy-going company. Each CM will have a sales goal set for them each month based on their previous month’s sales and the amount of M&G they have scheduled. These goals are generally modest and are not “mandatory” but more highly encouraged. We set goals for each CM that in turn adds up to the team goal for the month. 

Let’s say you scheduled 5 cleanings your first month with a total of $1000 in sales. You also have 10 M&G’s scheduled over the next 3 weeks. Your sales goal for the next month might be $2500, with hopes you can schedule 12 to 13 total cleanings with an average of $200 a cleaning. 

As most of our client’s schedule cleanings on a repeat basis and the revenues roll over month by month your sales can add up quickly. We have Client Managers that have been with the company for only 6 months that are producing 10,000 or more in monthly sales without breaking a sweat. Just keep in mind that we are not going to ask more of you than you are able to give. If you feel overwhelmed just let us know and we will adjust your schedule so you can get caught up. If you are wanting more clients and feel ambitious we can help you with that as well.

Being a Clean Day Client Manager should fit your life comfortably and your sales goals should never feel overwhelming, but these goals keep us all on track and striving for more. The more sales you make the more work is provided to our team, the more happy customers we serve and the more commissions you make.

Remember, this is a journey. You are starting at the beginning of a road and there will be potholes here and there. Some you will avoid and some you will fall into but you will get better at spotting them as you go. As long as you reach out for help when you are down and learn from the mistakes there’s nothing that can stop you. 

We are excited for you to be on this journey and grow alongside us, both as an individual and as a small business. 

It’s now time to gain momentum, gain speed, gain wisdom and grow!

Bi-Weekly 1-on-1

Once you have officially embarked on your CM journey, are attending M&Gs, scheduling jobs, and generating commissions your manager will reach out to schedule your bi-weekly 1-on-1

This conversation can happen by phone, zoom, or even over coffee but your manager will make it a point to not miss this scheduled time to catch up. Your manager will use this basis “touch-point” template for this 1-on-1 to make sure they are touching base with you on all aspects of your role so that they can lend support and help you continue to succeed.  

Client Manager 1-on-1 Template for Conversation:

  1. Numbers of hours scheduled?
  • This week?
  • Next week?
  1. Number of Active Clients?
  • Lost Clients?
  • Why?  Can we salvage and/or replace?
  1. Upcoming Meet and Greets?  Plans to get them scheduled?
  • Placeholder status?
  • Recap last week’s meet and greets

CM HR Talking Points:

  1. How are things going within the CM team?
  2. Specific Housekeeper performance concerns?
  3. Are housekeepers personally reaching out to you? If so, why? 
  • The staff line should be their POC, not us. 
  • Job related information can be relayed via CT (not scheduling info).
  1. What can I do for you?

Take advantage of this time to ask for all the support you need. This is also a chance for you to give us your input on how we can improve our services and operations company-wide. Here at Clean Day, we are all ears and we value our team’s opinions and suggestions. 

Policies and Procedures

Housekeeper Polices

When our housekeepers join the Clean Day team they attended a one-hour orientation with our HR team. During this hour they will acknowledge are many policies and procedures that they are required to uphold. Below are all of the policies for your reference, as some of these policies can directly affect our Client Managers if they are not upheld.  

Clean Day Housekeeping Written Statement of Terms

1. I, ___________________________________________began employment with Clean Day Housekeeping Services Inc. on _________________________.

2.  Your previous employment does not count as part of your period of continuous employment

3. You are employed as a Housekeeper for Clean Day Housekeeping Services Inc.

4. a) Your place of work is based at Orchlee Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.


    b) You are required/permitted to work at the private homes and businesses of the clients assigned to you by the employer.

5. Your pay will begin at $13 per hour during training, $14 per hour for a one month probationary period; then will increase to $15 per hour with any increases or bonuses decided upon by your employer, based on your overall performance. 

6. You will be paid bi-weekly, via a hand copy check mailed to your address on file or by automatic deposit as of September 2020.

7. Your hours of work will be subject to the clients you are fitted with. The hours will vary based on the needs of the company. 

8. Your holiday entitlement will follow with most public holidays. You will receive major holidays off work but not as a paid leave. 

9. a) In case of incapacity for work or sick leave, the employee will receive time off based on the particulars of the ailment but without pay. Schedules can be rearranged or changed to accommodate both the client and the employee for the duration of the leave. 

   b) We will honour any reasonable request for sick leave but if requesting time off or repeated call offs become a pattern of behaviour, we will implement a series of 3 written warnings. Once you have received your third written warning, you are subject to immediate termination of employment. Written warnings will be implemented by management, brought to the attention of the employee via phone call and a statement will be signed by management and mailed to the employee for their records.


 10. Pensions are not provided by Clean Day Housekeeping Services Inc. at this time.

11. a) Clean Day Housekeeping Services Inc. reserves the right to terminate employment at any time without reason. The employer strives to be fair and honest at all times and will not terminate employment without just cause. 

b) As the employee, you reserve the right to terminate your employment at any time without reason. The suggested period of notice would be two weeks prior to termination. 

12. Your employment is permanent – subject to 11 above, to general rights of termination under the law.

13. The collective agreements which directly affect the terms and conditions of your employment are the reading and signing of the employee handbook, the signing of the confidentiality agreement and the signing of the written statement. 

14. The disciplinary rules which apply to you can be found in the Employee   handbook. 

16. If you are dissatisfied with any disciplinary decision that affects you, you should apply in the first instance to Clean Day Housekeeping Inc. management.

17. You should make your application by way of formal written complaint.

18. If you have a grievance about your employment you should immediately notify Clean Day Housekeeping Services Inc. management.

19. You should make your application by formal written complaint. 

20. Subsequent steps in the firm’s disciplinary and grievance procedures are set out in the Employee Handbook.

21. Appearance and personal hygiene is very very important. It is your responsibility to maintain a clean appearance, maintain your company uniform and personal protective equipment provided to you by the company.   

22. Theft and dishonesty is strictly prohibited and is terms of immediate termination. Found money or property must be returned to the client or your employer immediately.  

23. In certain circumstances security vetting of employees may be necessary.

24. All employees have a legal duty to observe Clean Day Housekeeping’s safety instructions. 

25. Smoking is not allowed on company premises or client property at any time.

26. Taking a second job that affects your time-keeping, taking a second job with a competitor, or working for a Clean Day Client outside of the company is considered a conflict of interest and is strictly prohibited.

27. The first 13 weeks of employment with Clean Day Housekeeping is regarded as a “Trial Period”. During this time an Employee may be dismissed without recourse. 

28. Minor issues of conduct or performance will be dealt with informally but where the matter is more serious Clean Day Housekeeping will follow a 3 Stage Warning System. 

Stage 1 – Oral Warning
Stage 2- Written Warning 
Stage 3 – Final Written Warning
Stage 4 – Dismissal

29. Clean Day Housekeeping is an equal opportunity employer 



30. Harassment Policy


It is difficult to define harassment mainly because it takes many forms, occurs on a variety of grounds and may be directed at an individual or group. It is the behaviour and the actual effect on the recipient which determines what constitutes harassment, not the intention of the perpetrator.


Unwanted, unreciprocated and offensive behaviour imposed on a person(s) because of their race or sex.

Behaviour which is unwelcome and which might create a stressful or intimidating environment. Such behaviour can be persistent or an isolated incident towards one or more individuals.


Verbal abuse or taunting
Racist/sexist jokes including practical jokes
Leering or insulting gestures
Unfair allocation of work or benefits
Ignoring or “freezing out” of colleagues
Embarrassing comments
Intrusion or pestering, following, spying etc
Physical contact from touching and petting to assault
Display or circulation of offensive materials/books etc
Intrusive or persistent questioning about ethnic origin
Irrelevant and unnecessary references to sex


All forms of harassment are upsetting to the recipient and can embarrass, intimidate or humiliate an individual as well as undermine respect between colleagues. All staff have an obligation to ensure that they do not harass their colleagues or condone harassment by others.


Be prepared to take prompt corrective action if they are aware that incidents of harassment are taking place in their office.
Prevent potentially offensive material from being displayed or circulated in their office
Ensure that policy and complaints procedures are communicated to all new staff/trainees as part of training and indication programmes
Make it absolutely clear that they should report ALL cases of harassment.




31. Health & Safety Policy

Provide adequate resources to maintain health and safety including the provision of PPE.
Carry out risk assessments and review them when necessary.
Provide employees with such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to secure their safety and health at work and that of others who may be affected by their actions.
Monitor safety performance to maintain agreed standards.

The duties of employees are to:

Take reasonable care of their own health and safety, and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.
Cooperate with others in the Company to fulfil our statutory duties.
Not interfere with, misuse or wilfully damage, anything provided in the interest of health and safety.

Non-Compete Agreement

The no-compete agreement is one of the most important documents that our housekeepers sign. It states that they are not to clean for any of their clients on a private basis outside of the Clean Day company, as this is considered theft of the company assets. In addition, all housekeepers are prohibited to start their own competing cleaning company within 2 years of employment with Clean Day or within 200 miles of our service areas. 

As unlikely as it may seem, we have had 4 housekeepers in a 2-year time frame, attempt to take Clean Day clients on privately after terminating their employment with us, and we had one housekeeper start a cleaning business with his Clean Day cleaning equipment and by soliciting our clients. 

No matter how trustworthy a housekeeper may be, we require all of our team to legally acknowledge these terms and conditions at the risk of a lawsuit if terms are breached. 

Attendance Policy



Reporting to work each scheduled shift on time is an expectation for continued employment. Employees should arrive sufficiently before the start of their shift to take care of personal matters before clocking in for work. Employees must still begin work at the actual start time and end work at the actual end time. Clocking in earlier and clocking out later may constitute unauthorized overtime. All overtime must be approved in advance, except in emergency situations. 


  1. TARDY

Tardy (late for work) for hourly employees is defined as clocking in 10 minutes after the designated start time of an employee’s assigned work shift. For example, if a shift starts at 7:30 AM, clocking in at 7:41 AM or later is considered tardy. If a shift starts at 11:30 PM, clocking in at 11:41 PM or later is considered tardy. 


  1. CALL-IN

Tardiness and unscheduled absences require prompt notification by telephone to the employee staff line. Employees must call one hour prior to the beginning of their shift. Failure to make this telephone contact or to call-in appropriately for an unanticipated absence may result in an unexcused absence. 

The following information is required when calling in: 

  1. Your name 
  2. Your Client’s Name and Scheduled Cleaning Time 
  3. Brief reason for: 
  4. Tardiness and expected time of arrival for work; 
  5. Absence and expected length of absence; Employees must call in every day of absence 
  6. Employees on intermittent FMLA are required to call in daily, for each occurrence of absence. 

  2. TARDINESS: Tardiness may be considered excessive when a recurring pattern exists.  
  • 1 tardy occurrence during a 6-month period, disciplinary action will be taken, starting with an Verbal Warning that will be documented in writing. 
  • 3 tardy occurrences- 2nd written warning and counseling regarding a repeating pattern. 


An occurrence is defined as each time one reports to work with an unexcused tardy. Clocking in ten (10) minutes or later after the appointed work start time is considered tardy. 


  1. ABSENTEEISM: Absenteeism may be considered excessive when a recurring pattern exists. At the fourth (4th) unplanned absence during a 6-month period, disciplinary action will be taken, starting with an Oral Reprimand that will be documented in writing. An employee may be counseled regarding the pattern of attendance after the third (3rd) occurrence, or at any time during the process. 


An occurrence is defined as each individual block of time off due to unplanned absence. For example, if an employee calls in sick on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, this counts as one occurrence. If an employee calls in sick on Monday and reports back to work Tuesday, this counts as one occurrence. If an employee calls in sick Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and works Tuesday and Thursday, this counts as three occurrences. A physician’s verification of illness may be required at any time, in particular if an employee is absent for two or more consecutive workdays or where abuse of sick leave is suspected. 


  2. Oral Reprimand (documented): At the 1st Occurrence in a six (6) month period 
  3. Written Reprimand: At the 2nd Occurrence in a six (6) month period 
  4. Final Reprimand At the 3rd Occurrence in a six (6) month period 
  5. Termination: Any occurrence after the final reprimand without Pay 


A counseling letter may be issued at any time during the process and does not constitute additional disciplinary action. Any occurrence after a suspension may result in immediate termination, unless a sustained pattern of improvement has been demonstrated.

Breaks Policy

Company Property Policy

Uniform Policy

Dressing for work should be a breeze! We like to keep it simple, but we do have a standard to keep! We expect you to follow the listed uniform guidelines. 

  • Hair- Clean, and either combed and fixed, or pulled back in a neat ponytail or braid. Messy buns are for instagram, not work. 
  • General hygiene– Above all else, please don’t stink! Please take proper measures to be clean and smelling good. Clean nails, face, and body are a must. Along with that, please keep your smile shiny. Leave your morning breath at home. 
  • Face- Just have a clean face and a general neat appearance. We don’t require you to wear make-up! If you want to, that’s fine too. If you sport facial hair, we ask that you keep it neat and trimmed, and let’s save the 5 o’clock shadow for after hours. 
  • A Clean T-shirt– We will provide you with multiple Clean Day shirts. These are to be worn to every client’s home. We ask that you wash them between cleanings. If for any reason you don’t have a Clean Day shirt to wear, only a plain gray t-shirt will do. Leave your AC-DC and Unicorn T-shirts at home please. 
  • Pants– Yes, we ask that you wear pants. Black leggings, black shorts/pants, or khakis are the only acceptable bottoms. No prints, loud colors, or bedazzled bottoms are allowed. If your pants wear holes or get large stains or bleach spots, we ask that you simply buy some new ones. 
  • Shoes- Some clients may prefer you clean in your socks, but with those socks, we ask that you wear tennis shoes. If you prefer to keep them on during your cleaning, that is up to you and the client. No sandals, flip flops, hiking boots, steel toes or sexy heels are allowed. Whatever brand and color of tennis shoes you prefer is fine. 
  • Sweatshirts– We have Clean Day hoodies for purchase! But if you are cheap… you may wear a solid color hoodie or zip up sweatshirt to work. No loud labels or decorations! Your studded patchwork jacket is for the punk show later, not for work. 

Request Off Policy

Housekeeper Incentive Programs

Mileage Reimbursement Program

Reliabucks Incentive Bonus

Weekend Incentive Program

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