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Client Manager Training
Week 3

Week 3

  • Whom Shall I Send?
  • Logging Client Data
  • Billing Details 
  • Recap- How to Fully Manage a Client
  • Handling Complications 
  • Team Members to Know
  • How We Work As Team

How to Schedule the right Housekeeping

Whom Shall I Send?

Knowing your Housekeepers strengths, weaknesses, and living locations is pivotal to scheduling. READ about your Housekeepers, ask questions about them with the Training and Hiring Team. Google Map their location to better understand their commute each day. Do your homework on each of the Housekeepers you will be scheduling.  

With a good understanding of who you will be sending to your clients, scheduling will be easier and will give you the peace of mind that you are sending your clients a Rock Star Housekeeper. 

The first and most important location to seek out data on Clean Day Housekeepers is inside the Employee Database.

The Employee Database is updated almost on a daily basis by management. The Employee Database is organized by position and region. All employee’s basic contact information, location, and availability are easily accessed and are constantly up to date. 

Every Clean Day team member has an Employee File. These are saved in the Google Drive folder titled “Employee Files”

You can also find some of this information in the Connecteam “Users” menu. 

When a new housekeeper joins the team a profile is created and frequently updated throughout their career with Clean Day. From personality information, a photo, resume, to details on their training and strengths and weakness, you can learn most of what is needed to get a solid understanding of who you are scheduling for your clients. If you have any further questions about our housekeepers, feel free to reach out to our HR team and they can give you more in-depth information.     

Please read these files carefully! 

Whom Shall I Send?

Pin Maps Program

To help assist you with mapping and to keep this information saved and in a database for future searches, we ask that ALL CLIENT DATA be added to the Pinmaps program.   

Logging Client Data

Client Manager Assignment Listing

What Nightmares are Made Of!!!

As the Co-Owner of Clean Day I worry about a lot on a daily basis, but there is one thing I worry about the most. One thing that I lay awake dreading, panicking about, praying it will never happen. EVER EVER EVER!…. 

“What if they leave us with NO Client Data?” 

As every company does, we experience turnover. Not only in our housekeeping staff but also amongst out management team. When a Client Manager decides to leave the company, or is unexpectedly pulled away, it is CRUTIAL that they have entered ALL their client data.

 Think of this Data File as your clients “last will and testament” that you tuck away for safe keeping… in hopes you never need to use it.

Your Clients are YOUR responsibility. In order for you to insure they are cared for, as you know they deserve, you need to have ALL of their data available in one easy access point. 


Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Enter Client Manager Folder 

Step 2. Open Client Manager Assignment Listing

Step 3. Locate your tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet

Step 2. Enter all client data and keep it up to date at all times

Logging Client into Connecteam

Adding the Job (Client Info)

Billing Details

    The Billing Department is an important part of the Clean Day business. Although it stays more “behind the scenes” it is the piece of the operation that makes sure invoices are sent out, payments are received, and that you are paid on time. 

    Invoices are sent each evening to all clients that had a cleaning that day. These invoices are manually created by our Accounts Receivable Team. Each invoice is different and most are customized to the client’s specific cleaning. Whether it be a $45 to $55 per hour job, if supplies are provided by Clean Day or the Client, or if the occasional discount is needed, this information needs to be relayed to the Billing Department in a timely fashion. 

Share in Connecteam to Billing Team Chat

Billing Team Chat Feed

After your first cleaning is completed for your new client and you have CHECKED to make sure everything went well, then it is time to message the Billing Team Feed with the billing details. 

Make sure to let them know all of the below:

  • Clients Name
  • Clients Email
  • Clients Address
  • Clients Price Per Hour
  • Supply Fee
  • Frequency of cleanings
  • Discount if applicable 

Other important details to share:

  • If the first cleaning will be a deep clean at a different price
  • If problems happen on future cleaning, share details for discounts to the clients are billed appropriately 

Demo Message

“Hi Billing Team! For my new client Terry, who has his first cleaning today at 11 am, he is a set $48 per hour, we provide the cleaning supplies for $10 each cleaning and he should have a $30 off discount on his first cleaning for our Fall Savings Promo. 

His Email is – Phone is 555-555-5555 and his address is: 123 Perry St, Pittsburgh, Pa 12345


Actual message to billing team...

When will the Billing Team Message You?

  •  If the housekeepers timeclock doesn’t look correct and she wants to confirm the cleaning time
  • If a client isn’t paying their bill and she needs you to cancel their future cleaning until their outstanding balance is addressed
  • If a client informs the billing team that their invoice is incorrect the team will need to address it with the Client Manager to correct any issues

What Does the Client See?

  • Watch this video to refresh your memory on what the client sees when they receive their invoice. 

Let's Recap!

Steps to Fully Manage a Client

Here is a step-by-step checklist of how to best manage a new/existing client in your region. Please follow these steps with each client to ensure all communications are handled professionally and consistently. 

  • Schedule Meet and Greet.
    • Working with our receptionist, choose a time that works for you both you and the client
    • Check your Connecteam schedule for client details
    • Do your research before you arrive for the M&G
  • Conduct Meet and Greet 
    • Use M&G on-site checklist from the Google Drive
  • Review all information obtained from M&G and create your quote (See quote estimators ) 
  • Deliver Your Quote
    • Make sure all information is included in the quote
    • Answer any questions the client may have
    • Send Client the Clean Day Welcome Page and have them fill out the Welcome Form 
  • Finalize and Schedule job
    • Choose a cleaning date that works for both the chosen housekeeper and the client
    • Make sure there is nothing conflicting and that it fits in the housekeeper’s availability
    •  Look at least 4 to 6 weeks in the future for conflicting dates and to make sure the housekeeper is free on future dates
  • Enter all the information into Connecteam
    • Add the “Job” or “Client Info” 
    • Be sure to include:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone #
      • Email Address
      • Supplies 
      • Parking
      • Entry Info
      • Will Client be onsite
      • Description of home: Color and description of the house exterior, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, # of other rooms, size of the home, level of clutter
      • A VERY detailed description of the job! Everything from the meet and greet and then some. 
      • The CM of the job and the correct color
      • Pet information if it applies
      • Any special instructions

After the Cleaning

  • Follow up with the Client the day of the cleaning to see how everything went (Feedback is crucial, good, bad, or ugly).  Send the client a text or phone call and just follow up. This goes a long with new clients. They love to know that you care to know how things went.
  • Send the billing team the billing details when you are ready for their first invoice to be sent
  • Set us your clients repeat cleanings (use the repeat cleaning option inside the shift scheduler)
  • Make sure your client is set and ready and regularly followed up with.
  • Look over your entire client list weekly inside your Client Manager Assignment spreadsheet. Make sure it is up to date and all of your clients are actively scheduled. 

It is your responsibility as a Clean Day Manager to be prompt, professional, and organized at all times.

Some of your responsibilities as a CM are to handle:

  • Gripes and complaints! 
  • Scheduling Issues
  • Providing ALL information needed for a job to the employee and Client
  • Make sure all forms are submitted and acknowledged by the Client
  • If conducting a moving clean, sending the client the quote email and attached quote document
  • Handling communications with Clients when dealing with call-offs or if the housekeeper is running late
  • Dealing with rescheduling due to call-offs or finding a replacement housekeeper 
  • Adding all Client Details to Connecteam and the Client Assignment spreadsheet
  • Handling situations such as:
    • Something gets broken
    • Something gets stained
    • Something is misplaced
    • Etc.

How to Handle Client and Staff Complications

Staff Issues

Inform the staff line (Amber) or our HR department of any issues you feel should be documented in the housekeeper’s Employee File. Tardiness, bad attitude, not following instructions, poor performance and leaving without finishing a job would all be considered issues worth documenting. 

Explain the problem at hand, in detail, so it can be accurately recorded. If you feel the issue should be directly discussed with the housekeeper make this known during your conversation with the admin and he/she will bring this concern up with HR. 

If you need to report back to your client with an explanation of what may have gone wrong at a cleaning with a particular housekeeper, let the Staff Line know to get back to you as soon as possible so you can move forward with billing your client an appropriate amount.

  Discuses the issues you are having with particular housekeepers with your CM team during your weekly meeting or in a private chat feed in Connecteam. It is possible they are also struggling with similar issues and have let things slide. Sometimes we can give our housekeepers a “Pass” on the little things but when it becomes a repeat issue it will need to be addressed.  

Client Issues

Do NOT assume the client is telling the truth!

Do NOT assume the housekeeper is telling the truth!

For example:

The client texts you…  

“Hey. I just got home and it looks like my housekeeper didn’t clean my master bathroom! It’s not touched at all! I don’t know what I’m paying for when I have to come home and have to clean my own bathroom!”

You respond… 

“OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry this happened! Please let me look into this and I will get back to you right away!”

You reach out to the staff line..

“Hey Amber! Here is a message I just got from my client.” (You then send the staff line a screenshot of this message.) “Can you please reach out to the housekeeper that cleaned for my client today and find out what happened”

Scenario 1

You find out from the staff line that your client had been home that morning and asked our housekeeper to clean her entire basement and didn’t add any extra time to do so.  The client even told our housekeeper not to worry too much about the “upstairs”. So our housekeeper spent the majority of their time in the basement and didn’t get to half of the house.

In this scenario, the client is clearly being dishonest. She wants to get a discount on her cleaning and she created a new task list without your knowledge. In this case, you would ask the client to speak with you directly on the phone, then you would explain that our housekeeper spent most of her time in the basement as instructed and couldn’t get to the 2nd floor because no extra time was allowed. The client will have to pay for all the hours of service and in the future, if she would like “extras” done, you can add time so the housekeeper can get to everything on her list.

Scenario 2

You find out from the staff line that the housekeeper couldn’t finish in time and just left without letting us know. She wasn’t able to get to everything and just clocked out right at 3 pm. 

In this case, the client is allowed to be upset. Our housekeepers are taught to tell us if they are really running behind and can’t get to everything. They inform us so we can let the client know more time is needed. Housekeepers are never to leave a job unfinished without informing us first. 

This situation will require a discount for the client and in some cases, you may need to send someone back to finish the job as soon as possible. This depends on the client’s needs and is a judgment call you will have to make as their Client Manager. Your CM director will be there for you to provide guidance in these types of situations. We do not like to discount a cleaning completely and your managers will be able to help you come up with an appropriate price for the preformed cleaning. 

As you can see, without all the information, from both client and housekeeper, you will not know how to resolve the situation at hand. Get the facts first and don’t jump to conclusions. 

If at any point you feel a client or housekeeper should be addressed by management for causing problems, immediately bring this to the attention of your lead CM or our HR team and it will be addressed promptly.   

There are so many possible scenarios as to things that can go wrong. From housekeepers being tardy or all together no-call no-show, to clients blaming our long-time and trustworthy housekeepers for stealing their nanna’s photo box (that they later find), you just never know what to expect. 

Just know that you will always have a team to lean on and answers to your questions are right around the corner.


Team Members You Need To Know

Jessica Belonzi, of Pittsburgh, is the co-owner and founder of Clean Day, along with her sister and best friend Kiki Young. Jessie is the team leader and is responsible for many aspects of the business. Not only does she lead the Clients Manager training program but she is the head of finances, marketing, website design, social media management and company systems development. You have been working with Jessie from the beginning of your training and will continue to work with her after starting on your own. Jessie is religious when it comes to conducting "pulse checks" with her entire team and will stay involved in any major decision-making throughout your career with Clean Day.
Jessie B Co-Owner. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized
Jessica Belonzi
Clean Days other owner and founder is Kiki Young of Slippery Rock, Pa. She is a pivotal part of the HR department and is the head of the Housekeepers Training Program. Kiki oversees all of the training housekeepers schedules, online training, performance reports and zoom trainings. There can be as many at 10 housekeepers onboarding at any time so this is no easy role to manage. Kiki depends on the CM team to work with her in coordinating locations for live training and she depends on the CMs to be cognizant of the training schedule at all times. Kiki is also is pivotal in any major decisions and planning company wide.
Kiki Young Co-Owner. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized
Kiki Young
Judy is our Clean Day receptionist for all service areas. Judy manages all of our client inquiries received by phone, email or online form. Judy works with all of our Client Managers on a regular basis to coordinate the Meet and Greet schedule for CM's and their clients. you can contact Judy through the Conneteam chat or through email.
Judy Stupak
Andrew Belonzi resides in Pittsburgh, PA, and serves as the Director of Human Resources of Clean Day. Andrew was most likely your first introduction to the Clean Day team throughout the interview and onboarding process. Any task related to candidate sourcing, interviewing, orientation, evaluation, promotion, and corporate culture is handled within his department. He works closely with the Training Department, Housekeeping Manager, and Regional Administrator to stay on top of employee suggestions, concerns, accolades, and professional development. He and the Client Managers also work closely together on determining hiring needs within each of our territories. Andrew's team wants to make sure that Clean Day is always a welcoming, supportive environment that allows you to grow as a person and a professional. You can contact Andrew through the Connecteam chat feed or through email.
Andrew Belonzi HR Director. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized
Andrew Belonzi
Jennifer Rimmel, of Pittsburgh Pa, is the Clean Day Client Manager Director, working with all the Client Managers from Erie to South of Pittsburgh. Jennifer manages and supports our entire CM team and she is also very active in company sales and finance, You will work with Jen on a regular basis as she will act as your number one support after you complete your CM training. Jen leads the weekly CM meetings, designs and monitors each Client Managers monthly sales goals, she monitors the cleaning schedule, helps our team handle client complications, and regularly posts in the Connecteam chat feeds. Jen can be reached 7 days a week my text, email on in the Connecteam chat.
Jennifer Rimmel Lead Client Manager. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized
Jennifer Rimmel
Amber Iannacito resides in Smithfield, VA, and serves as the Clean Day Regional Administrator. Amber is someone our team more commonly refers to as the Staff Line Superstar! Amber handles all Housekeeper Staff Line communications in addition to other client inquiries, emails, phone calls, last-minute staffing schedule changes, onsite issues, and special projects for management. She's basically a communications and logistics point person and is key to daily operations. As a Client Manager, you will work closely with Amber on Housekeeper issues, changes, schedule adjustments, etc. to keep all housekeeper communication streamlined through her department. You can contact Amber through the Connecteam chat feed or through email.
Clean Day Staff Admin. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized
Amber Iannacito
Lydia Whitesides, of Slippery Rock, Pa is our lead Housekeeper Manager. She works closely with Amber (the Staff Line Superstar), Andrew Belonzi and Kiki Young. Together the 4 of them make up our fantastic HR team. Lydia works with the housekeepers to resolve issues that are more complex and outside of the day-to-day Staff Line communications. Lydia will discuss any struggles that our housekeepers our having, from scheduling concerns to frustrations with clients or co-workers. She makes it her priority to get to know each and every housekeeper so she can better support them throughout their career as a Clean Day Housekeeper. You will see Lydia at the CM weekly meetings as she is an advocate for the housekeeping team and often has good insight for the CM's regarding scheduling and complications. Lydia can be reached most easily inside the Connecteam chat feeds.
Lydia Whitesides Housekeeper. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized.
Lydia Whitesides
Heather Cameron resides in Verona, PA, and maintains an important role within Clean Day Accounts Receivable. Heather works closely with all company Management and Owners, along with Landmark Business Solutions, our payroll service provider. She ensures that client invoices are correctly processed and payment is made to Clean Day. In short, she makes sure that we get paid so you get paid :). You can contact Heather through the Connecteam chat feed or through email.
Heather Cameron Billing. Clean Day Housekeeping Services is home cleaning personalized.
Heather Cameron

Employee Roles And How We Work As A Team

Updates since this chain of communication video was made...

We now only have one Director of Client Managers who is Jennifer Rimmel.

When you need to adjust the schedule and it effects the Training Schedule, please contact Kiki in the Connecteam chat feed and she will reach out to our training scheduler Sam.

We no longer use the Slack Program, we communicate strictly through the Connecteam program chat feeds. As of May 2021 we have 300 active clients and 30 Housekeepers.