Training Week 3

  1. Job Notes
  2. Scheduling
  3. Adding Shift Notes
  4. Task Reminders
  5. Billing Details
  6. Client Issues
  7. Adopting Clients 
  8. Crossing the Finish Line

Job Notes

Adding the Client Data in Connecteam

All Users Group Settings


New System as of November 2023

Please be aware that the scheduling process if still being designed and the official and final training on the Scheduling database will be made and updated in the CM training program by January 2024. These 2 videos are the current process by may experience additional steps or changes in the next month.

Updated Training

Adding Shift Notes

Day of of specific notes to the day itself

Task Reminders - Text Reminders

Sending your clients text reminders

Billing Details

    The Billing Department is an important part of the Clean Day business. Although it stays more “behind the scenes” it is the piece of the operation that makes sure invoices are sent out, payments are received, and you are paid on time. 

    Invoices are sent each evening to all clients that had a cleaning that day. These invoices are manually created by our Accounts Receivable Team. Each invoice is different and most are customized to the client’s specific cleaning. Whether it be a $45 to $55 per hour job, if supplies are provided by Clean Day or the Client, or if the occasional discount is needed, this information needs to be relayed to the Billing Department in a timely fashion. 

After your first cleaning is completed for your new client and you have CHECKED to make sure everything went well, then it is time to message the Billing Team Feed with the billing details. 

Make sure that all your client data in your Client Data Spreadsheet is accurate as this is where the billing team will look for all the information needed to send the bill to your client. Your database should have all the following information

  • Clients Email
  • Clients Address
  • Client Quoted Price Per Hour
  • Supply Fee
  • Frequency of cleanings
  • Discount or Promo if applicable 

Other important details to share:

  • If the first cleaning will be a deep clean at a different price
  • If problems happen with future cleaning or you want to make sure that billing is sending the proper invoice to your clients on their first clean or with complex cleans, please reach message the billing feed in Conneteam.

Actual message to billing team...

When will the Billing Team Message You?

  •  If the housekeepers timeclock doesn’t look correct and she wants to confirm the cleaning time
  • If a client isn’t paying their bill and she needs you to cancel their future cleaning until their outstanding balance is addressed
  • If a client informs the billing team that their invoice is incorrect the team will need to address it with the Client Manager to correct any issues

Client Issues

How to Handle Client Complications

How to De-escalate

Communicating Scheduling Changes

Communications with clients regarding scheduling changes

Adopting Existing Clients

Crossing the Finish Line

Using CM Checklist