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Client Manager Training
Week 1 - Part 1

Training Week 1 - Part 1

  • Our Mission!
  • What is a Client Manager? What are your responsibilities?
  • What is your earning capacity and how do you reach your financial goals?
  • Let’s Get Started
  • Systems Set Up  
  • Google Drive – Sheets and Forms
  • How To Copy Files in the Google Drive 
  • The Clean Day Way Housekeeping Training

Our Mission

We at Clean Day have a passion for cleaning and a true love for people! Above anything else, we strive to be the very best service housekeeping has to offer. Not only are we a superior company servicing those who demand a higher standard, but we are the only company to offer this in such a personal way! By providing each client with a Client Manager (Client Concierge), it gives them the feeling of being valued, and that we are truly listening to their needs! You will be the one who provides this service by being the face of the company, the person they trust and connect with, and the one the client really gets to know! Your role is pivotal to our success as a company and standing by our mission. We want to be known not only in Pittsburgh but all over the US, even the world! By standing strong to our vision we have no limits on how far we can go! Our success depends on you and the relationships you build with your clients. With your help, we will continue to beyond our wildest dreams.

Owners and Sisters Jessie B & Kiki Young

What is a Client Manager?

What is a Client Manager

The Client Manager is one of the most important roles in the Clean Day company. You oversee all of the client’s scheduling needs, data gathering, and resolving complications. 

You are the one person the clients will call upon with any changes, questions, and concerns. 

What Are Your Responsibilities

  • Meet and Greets
  • Data Entry
  • Sending Forms
  • Scheduling
  • Attending Weekly Meeting with CM Team
  • Follow-Ups With Clients
  • Repeat Scheduling  
  • Being Responsive 
  • Reporting 

What is Your Earning Capacity?

  • Baseline Stipend 
  • Paid Mileage – .40 per mile
  • 5% Commissions on Gross Sales
  • Hourly pay for Meet and Greets

CM Roles and Responsibilities

Full list of all Client Manager requirements (all of the below will be discussed and taught throughout your training)

General Management Starting Requirements


  • Have a computer or laptop with wi-fi capabilities
  • Have a cell phone with smart capabilities
  • Have a Clean Day Gmail email account
  • Have a Clean Day branded email signature complete with Clean Day Logo
  • Have a google voice phone# set up and active for client use
  • Have general user skills in Google Drive, Connecteam, Google Voice, and Google Sheets programs (taught in training)
  • Have a personal vehicle and a valid driver’s license
  • Minimum of 10 work hours per week
  • Minimum of $10,000 in sales ($500 Commissions) per fiscal month
  • Maintain an open line for emergency communication Monday through Friday 7 am to 6 pm


General Job Performance Requirements


  • Use the appropriate channels within Connecteam to communicate with Clean Day Team Members
  • Communicate with team members during normal business hours 
  • Communicate with Staff Line Connecteam chat feed 7 am to 8 pm
  • Schedule adequate coverage for your shift/’s if you are needing personal time off or vacation time
  • Read management Weekly Updates in a timely manner to stay informed with company information 
  • Submit the Weekly Acknowledgment Form weekly and in a timely manner
  • Communicate all client concerns and complications with Client Manager Director
  • Communicate all Housekeeper concerns with Housekeeping Director
  • Communicate all job schedule concerns to Scheduling Director
  • Communicate all personal employment concerns with the HR director
  • Communicate all trainee-related concerns with Training Director
  • Communicate all billing changes, promo discounts, and referral discounts to the billing department within CT Billing Feed 

General Client Manager Job Requirements 


  • Have notification turned on in Connectem Staff Line Feed and Client Manager Must Read Feeds at all times from 7 am to 8 pm M-F and if you have scheduled jobs on the weekends in case you need to be reached regarding your scheduled shifts
  • Be responsive to communications @yourname in the CT feeds and private messaging in a timely manner
  • Use Google voice to communicate with Clients  
  • Attend monthly or Bi-weekly 1-on-1 meetings with your managers (frequency may fluctuate) 
  • Schedule occasional Pop ins (clocked and paid by the hour) to your scheduled cleaning to meet your team members and evaluate the overall performance – add to the Client Manager schedule and fill out appropriate onsite forms 
  • Work toward meeting your monthly sales goals set by management
  • Stay in contact with past clients or past meet and greet clients with promos and discounts to achieve more scheduled hours each month 
  • Communicate with management if more or less Meet and Greets are needed in order for you to achieve your monthly sales benchmarks

Meet and Greet (M&G) Responsibilities 


  • Work with receptionist to arrange M&G that fits your schedule
  • Be responsive and flexible as possible
  • Update reception if your schedule changes
  • Be presentable and punctual to all scheduled M&Gs
  • Do preliminary research on client/property prior to M&G
  • Be prepared with proper materials for M&G
  • Clock into M&G in Connecteam 
  • Log mileage to and from M&G for reimbursement 
  • Use appropriate sales techniques to convert M&G into scheduled cleanings
  • Gather all necessary information to properly assess the home for your later quote
  • Gather all necessary client information needed to create a complete client database 
  • Use the Onsite Meet and Greet Checklist at all M&Gs
  • Have client read and submit all required forms either in person or online (Client Files or Welcome form)
  • Within 24 to 48 hours of M&G present your client with a quote and scheduling options via email and or by phone (must always provide email for record purposes)
  • Follow up with undecided clients multiple times before accepting a loss of sale
  • Strive to convert M&Gs to schedule shift as much as possible 


Management of Clients


  • Set reasonable boundaries with your clients of your office hours and when you can be reached 
  • Communicate scheduling options, changes, and confirmations with clients throughout their tenure with Clean Day
  • Be responsive to your clients in a timely manager of their communications
  • Maintain close communication with your clients and nurture the company’s reputation through your attentiveness and professionalism at all times
  • Inquire for feedback from all clients after their first cleaning
  • Inquire for feedback from long-term repeat clients every few months by phone or Housekeeper Feedback form

Recording Client Data


  • Enter all client data inside your Client Data Spreadsheet within 48 hours of the meet and greet if the client wishes to proceed with scheduling
  • Enter all client data inside the Connectem “Jobs” section using the Job Data template
  • Ensure that Connecteam Job notes are only related to the home and property and that specific shift notes are recorded separately in the Shift Notes section of Connecteam
  • Enter all client complications, complaints or housekeeper-related issues into the Client Complaint Database 
  • Update client’s notes/information in Client Database and Jobs data in Connecteam when needed
  • Use Client Home Info Update Form to gather updated information from clients every 6 months or when needed
  • Use Housekeeper Feedback Form to gather periodic feedback from steady long-term clients 

Scheduling Requirements 


  • Schedule 2 housekeepers on a rotation for every client from the start
  • Set clear understanding, from the start, that  housekeepers will change and that is to be expected 
  • When you create a placeholder or unpublished shift respect the 24-Holding Rule and be on top of your client to lock in the dates and times to your shift can be confirmed
  • Be respectful of your scheduling director’s guidance and requests at all times    
  • Have the schedule for the coming week 100% solidified by Saturday at 5 pm 
  • Be diligent in staying aware of your scheduled jobs at all times so there are no surprises in the early mornings when call-offs and cancellations occur 
  • Use Employee Database for details of housekeeper information 
  • Communicate all asks, questions, and communications for housekeepers within the Staff Line feed of Connecteam
  • Do not communicate with the housekeeping team privately and always use the proper channels 
  • Use Scheduling Support Database for detailed data, schedule openings, housekeeper availability, and specific support requests
  • Do not schedule shifts with apparent conflicts and schedule repeat shift for at least 50 shifts
  • Text reminders must be attached to every shift
  • When a scheduling conflict is found on your schedule by management or other team members it must be corrected in a timely manner (as soon as possible) 
  • Placeholders and or Unpublished shifts can
    be used to hold a shift temporarily but are only valid for 24 hours
  • Remove or unpublish jobs as soon as cancellations occur and add a relocation holder
  • Look over your scheduled jobs prior to the month starting and handle any duplicate shifts or conflicts to ensure your hours are correct for sales goals
  • Always check travel time of housekeeper to ensure it is within 30 minutes of the housekeepers home, if not you must ask prior to scheduling the housekeeper
  • When checking travel time make sure it is not a toll route and to always check for the time of day the housekeeper will be traveling
  • When scheduling a second shift for a housekeeper allow the housekeeper ample time to pack up/unpack supplies and ensure they have enough travel time
  • When a housekeeper leaves the company, make sure to reassign shifts within 48 hours of the housekeeper’s departure
  • When adding a shift anytime after 5 pm on Saturday for the current week the housekeeper must be asked via the Staffline and accept prior to publishing the shift on their schedule
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Lets Get Started

Systems and Software

Learning the Systems

Throughout your training for this position, you will learn how to use multiple different applications and computer programs. Most of your work will be done and saved into our Google Drive. Alongside the drive, you will spend much of your time using the Connecteam Program. This is the system we use for scheduling and keeping up with client information. Follow these step by step instructional videos that will walk you through the in’s and out’s of the Connecteam software and how you are expected to use this application.

Let's Get Started

It's time to dive in to our software and programs!

We use the Google Suite as our day-to-day storage hub, or in other terms our Clean Day "virtual filing cabinet". In order for you to create, view, and edit files, alongside your fellow Clean Day team members, you will need a Gmail email address.

You will also need to keep your Phone # private but still be able to communicate with clients quickly and easily. This is why you also will be required to have a Google Voice phone number.

Follow each step and then come back to continue your training and learn how to use each function....

Step #1
Create Your Clean Day Gmail Account
(Example: Go to and click on Sign Up

Step #2
Download the Google Voice app to your mobile phone

Step # 3
Log in to Google Voice using your new Clean Day email address and create a phone # for your Clean Day client communications

Download the Google Drive to your mobile phone

Step #5
Log in to the Google Drive with your new Clean Day Gmail address

Step #6
Save Google Voice, Google Drive and Gmail (logged in to your Clean Day account) in a folder on your phone for easy access and to keep things organized

Create a Gmail Account

Create a Google Voice Phone #

Clean Day Logo

Google Drive

Google Drive
Sheets and Forms

You will have direct access to these Sheets and Forms in the
"Shared With Me" section of your Google Drive

Do Not Fill Out A Google Form Template!

ALWAYS Create A Copy

How To Copy Files In Google Drive

Connecteam Training

What is Connecteam and why do we LOVE it!

Follow the Connecteam invitation you received via email and/or text message. Download the app to get started!

Navigating The Connecteam App

General Users Manual

Create Your Profile

Navigater Your Job Schedule

Using The Time Clock

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The Clean Day Way

The Clean Day Way
Housekeeping Training Program

This is Lydia, a housekeeper for Clean Day. She has been cleaning homes in the Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township, Butler, and Erie Pa areas for the past 2 years. Lydia has 10 years of cleaning experience and is loved by all of her clients.

An important part of your role as a Clients Manager is to know how our housekeepers are trained to clean, what products they use, and how long it might take to clean certain homes.

In order to do this, you too have to experience the Clean Day Way Training Program, just as our housekeepers do. This is a 4 day online and on-site training program for our housekeepers but you are only required to take the online portion.

The Clean Day Way 4 Day Training Program is designed for our Housekeepers, not our Client Managers. You are NOT attending any on-site training and you are not required to take any quizzes at the end of each training. 

Read all of the material and watch all the video content for each of the 4 sections of training. You can complete all 4 training sections in one sitting if you prefer. You do not need to follow a time structure to complete this portion of the training.

(No Cleaning Quizzes are Necessary)

The Online Portion Can Take 2 to 3 Hours In Total