Our Mission!

  • Earning Capabilities
  • The Clean Day Structure
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Using Google Drive

Setting Ourselves Up for Success 

  • Clean Day Email
  • Branded Signature
  • Digital Business Card
  • Google Voice
  • Bookmarked Software On your Computer
  • Work Folder Saved on Your Phone Desktop
  • Utilizing Dule Screen
  • Utilizing the CD Website
Clean Day Way Housekeeper Training Program 
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  • Housekeeper Training Day 2
  • Housekeeper Training Day 3
  • Housekeeper Training Day 4

Our Mission

Welcome to the Clean Day team! Our goal is to become the best cleaning service available and set ourselves apart from the competition. We stand out from other residential cleaning services by offering a personalized approach to each client. Clients are assigned a Client Manager who listens to their cleaning needs, manages their cleaning schedule, and strives to make each client feel heard and valued. You will be that Client Manager. You will be the face of our company and will connect with clients on a personal level. Your role is vital to the success and growth of the company, and with your help, we can achieve great things.

In just four short years, we have expanded our services across most of western PA and are working on expanding into Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia in the next two years. We know that the service we offer to the residential cleaning industry is innovative, untraditional, and highly sought after. After all, our clients are entrusting us with their homes. They don’t want to call an office, speak to a receptionist, and then have a team of strangers invade their personal space. They want another option, and that is what we provide.

We are excited for you to join us on this journey and to be part of what we truly feel is the beginning of what will one day be a household name. When people think “clean,” they will think of Clean Day!

CM Earning Potential

As a Client Manager, your earning potential is up to you. It will start out slow but could pick up quickly depending on the amount of time you are able to invest. 

Payment Breakdown

  • Baseline Stipend 
  • Paid Mileage – .40 per mile
  • Hourly pay for Meet and Greets
  • 6% commissions will be paid after your sales have reached your desired starting goal and your starting stipend will be discontinued 

Top Earning CM's

  • Top Earners Produce $40k in monthly sales
  • Top Earners Average a $2,400 monthly salary + 10 Meet and Greet = $200 per month + Mileage
  • Top Earners Average a $32,000 yearly salary 
  • Maximum 30 hours per week (6 hours per day M-F)

Additional Bonuses

  • Monthly Sales incentive prizes for the CM team 
  • Paid Vacation  
  • Advancement Opportunity 
  • 6-month Performance Evaluations with the Potential for Wage Increases 
  • Paid Vacation Time 

The Clean Day Structure

Here at Clean Day, we contribute all our success and growth over just a few short years to our structures and systems. Everything we do, from the design of each management role to the training systems for those roles, how we gather client information to conducting the Meet and Greets, is all designed to handle exponential growth and to operate well at a higher volume. In all things Clean Day there is a system or a structure that makes it operate as smoothly as possible. 

Let’s go over some of these systems and structures so you can better understand how Clean Day operates on a daily basis. 

Scheduling Team

As of September 2023, we have added a Scheduling Team to all our locations. 

Our Schedulers receive all the needed information from the Client Managers about the Client’s availability, length of cleaning needed, how many housekeepers are needed, and so on. Client Managers will also communicate with the scheduling team if any changes need to be made to the client’s schedule. 

After the Scheduling Team has all the needed information, they will create and manage the client’s cleaning schedule moving forward. The scheduling team will work closely with the CMs to make sure all communication that the client may need is relayed. 

CM Roles and Responsibilities

Full list of all Client Manager requirements
(all of the below will be discussed and taught throughout your training)

General Management Starting Requirements

  • Have a computer or laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Have a cell phone with smart capabilities
  • Have a Clean Day Gmail email account
  • Have a Clean Day branded email signature complete with Clean Day Logo
  • Have a google voice phone# set up and active for client use
  • Have general user skills in Google Drive, Connecteam, Google Voice, and Google Sheets programs (taught in training)
  • Have a personal vehicle and a valid driver’s license
  • Minimum of 10 work hours per week
  • Minimum of $13,500 in sales ($800 Commissions) per fiscal month
  • Maintain an open line for communication Monday through Friday 7 am to 6 pm

General Job Performance Requirements

  • Use the appropriate channels within Connecteam to communicate with Clean Day Team Members
  • Communicate with team members during normal business hours 
  • Communicate with Staff Line Connecteam chat feed 7 am to 8 pm
  • Schedule adequate coverage for your shift/’s if you are needing personal time off or vacation time
  • Read management Weekly Updates in a timely manner to stay informed with company information 
  • Submit the Weekly Acknowledgment Form weekly and in a timely manner
  • Communicate all client concerns and complications with Client Manager Director
  • Communicate all Housekeeper concerns with Housekeeping Director
  • Communicate all job schedule concerns to Scheduling Director
  • Communicate all personal employment concerns with the HR director
  • Communicate all trainee-related concerns with Training Director
  • Communicate all billing changes, promo discounts, and referral discounts to the billing department within CT Billing Feed 

General Client Manager Job Requirements 

  • Have notification turned on in Connectem Staff Line Feed and Client Manager Must Read Feeds at all times from 7 am to 8 pm M-F and if you have scheduled jobs on the weekends in case you need to be reached regarding your scheduled shifts
  • Be responsive to communications @yourname in the CT feeds and private messaging in a timely manner
  • Use Google voice to communicate with Clients  
  • Attend monthly or Bi-weekly 1-on-1 meetings with your managers (frequency may fluctuate) 
  • Schedule occasional Pop ins (clocked and paid by the hour) to your scheduled cleaning to meet your team members and evaluate the overall performance – add to the Client Manager schedule and fill out appropriate onsite forms 
  • Work toward meeting your monthly sales goals set by management
  • Stay in contact with past clients or past meet and greet clients with promos and discounts to achieve more scheduled hours each month 
  • Communicate with management if more or less Meet and Greets are needed in order for you to achieve your monthly sales benchmarks

Meet and Greet (M&G) Responsibilities 

  • Work with receptionist to arrange M&G that fits your schedule
  • Be responsive and flexible as possible
  • Update reception if your schedule changes
  • Be presentable and punctual to all scheduled M&Gs
  • Do preliminary research on client/property prior to M&G
  • Be prepared with proper materials for M&G
  • Clock into M&G in Connecteam 
  • Log mileage to and from M&G for reimbursement 
  • Use appropriate sales techniques to convert M&G into scheduled cleanings
  • Gather all necessary information to properly assess the home for your later quote
  • Gather all necessary client information needed to create a complete client database 
  • Use the Onsite Meet and Greet Checklist at all M&Gs
  • Have client read and submit all required forms either in person or online (Client Files or Welcome form)
  • Within 24 to 48 hours of M&G present your client with a quote and scheduling options via email and or by phone (must always provide email for record purposes)
  • Follow up with undecided clients multiple times before accepting a loss of sale
  • Strive to convert M&Gs to schedule shift as much as possible 

Management of Clients

  • Set reasonable boundaries with your clients of your office hours and when you can be reached 
  • Communicate scheduling options, changes, and confirmations with clients throughout their tenure with Clean Day
  • Be responsive to your clients in a timely manager of their communications
  • Maintain close communication with your clients and nurture the company’s reputation through your attentiveness and professionalism at all times
  • Inquire for feedback from all clients after their first cleaning
  • Inquire for feedback from long-term repeat clients every few months by phone or Housekeeper Feedback form

Recording Client Data

  • Enter all client data inside your Client Data Spreadsheet within 48 hours of the meet and greet if the client wishes to proceed with scheduling
  • Enter all client data inside the Connectem “Jobs” section using the Job Data template
  • Ensure that Connecteam Job notes are only related to the home and property and that specific shift notes are recorded separately in the Shift Notes section of Connecteam
  • Enter all client complications, complaints or housekeeper-related issues into the Client Complaint Database 
  • Update client’s notes/information in Client Database and Jobs data in Connecteam when needed
  • Use Client Home Info Update Form to gather updated information from clients every 6 months or when needed
  • Use Housekeeper Feedback Form to gather periodic feedback from steady long-term clients 

Scheduling Requirements 

  • Set clear understanding, from the start, that  housekeepers will change and that is to be expected 
  • Be respectful of your scheduling team at all times    
  • Audit your schedule regularly to ensure your clients are scheduled as needed
  • Do not communicate with the housekeeping team privately and always use the proper channels 
  • Use the Scheduling  Database for all scheduling needs and communications 
  • All communications must be responded to within 24 hours M-F
  • Text reminders must be attached to every shift
  • Cancellations must be brought to the scheduling team’s attention as soon as possible
  • Look over your scheduled jobs prior to the month starting and handle any duplicate shifts or conflicts to ensure your hours are correct for sales goals

Starting with Google Drive

This marks the official beginning of your training on becoming a Client Manager. Here at Clean Day, we use two major software systems as CMs, one is the Connecteam program and the other is the Google Office suite.

Google provides an extremely strong and versatile software platform that anyone with a Google email account is able to utilize, create within, and share with other Google email owners.

Clean Day uses the Google Office Suite to create and share documents, spreadsheets, databases, forms, and more.

To get started we are going to introduce you to Google Drive which is an online storage system that you will use on a daily basis within your role.

All the documents, templates, and databases you will need as a CM will be found in the “Shared with me” tab on the left-hand side of the main dashboard. 

You can use the search bar at the top of the drive at any time to search for a file by name. 

Google Drive Basics

It is important to know how to move folders and files and also create a copy of our templates so you don’t fill out the original that the rest of the team will need down the road.

The next two training videos will walk you through how to perform these simple tasks within the Google Drive.

Moving Files or Folders

How To Copy Files In Google Drive

Using Your Clean Day Email

By now you have created your Clean Day Gmail account (for example You will use this email to communicate with clients, send cleaning quotes, communicate with team members, and access your Google Drive and Google Voice Accounts. 

It is important to establish clear lines of communication with clients from the start and to present them with your work contact info vs your private information. It’s no big deal to have clients text, call or email you at your personal number or email address but when your roster of clients starts to grow it can quickly become a problem. NEVER text, call, or email from your private lines and then all of your communications with clients will stay inside the proper channels.



Adding a Branded Signature

Adding a company-branded signature to your business emails adds a needed level of professionalism and authenticity to your client communications.  Once you’ve created a branded signature inside your Gmail email settings this signature will be added to the bottom of every email you send moving forward. 

Above is a demonstration of what a branded signature looks like for our Client Manager Dana Miller.

If you enter the Google Drive, click on the “Shared with me” tab on the left-hand side and then enter the “Client Manager File”. There is a sub-file titled “Branded Signature Photos”. Here you will find a photo that was created for you with your image using our brand template. If one does not exist for you yet simply ask management to create one at their earliest convenience. 


In the meantime, you can use our business logo on your branded signature page.

Gmail Signature Setup

Digital Business Card

Our digital business cards are very similar to the branded photo that you’ve attached to your email settings but there are some differences.

Our digital business card is exactly that, it is a business card. You can save it to your computer and your phone as a photo and it can be sent to clients by text message or email so that they can save it in their phone for future reference or even send it to family and friends when they want to refer our company. Client Managers love having digital business cards in addition to paper print business cards. Once you have completed your Client Manager training a business card will be created for you and mailed directly to your home


Your Digital business card can be found in Google Drive, “Shared with me” tab, Client Manager File, subfolder “Digital Business Cards”. 


Once again, if a digital business card has not been created for you please reach out to management. One will be created for you at their earliest convenience.  

Google Voice Phone #

Google Voice is another powerful tool found inside the Google Office suite. Google Voice can be downloaded as an app onto your phone, linked to your Google account and it will give you a new phone number in which you can give your clients. This will keep all of your phone calls and text messages for business in one neat and tidy application.

It may seem like an unnecessary step but once you have 10, 20, or even 50 clients it’s important that their text messages to you and phone calls are not mixed in with your own private messages. 

Watch the short training video on how to set up your Google Voice account. Following watching this video please download and create your own Google voice phone number. Make sure to write down your new Google Voice phone number so this can be shared with management, added to your business cards, your email signature, and more. 

Bookmarking Software

Bookmarking software on your computer will save you time and energy in the long run. You will want to bookmark your Google Drive, your Gmail account, your Connecteam program, and your most used databases all in separate easy-to-access tabs. Watch the short training video on how to set up bookmarks on your computer or laptop.

Phone Work Folder

It is also important to keep all of your most used applications saved in one “work” or “business” folder on your phone’s desktop. This folder will be easily found and neatly organized to keep you on task.

Dual Screen

You will probably not need to utilize dual screen or split screen mode initially in your client manager role but as your client roster grows and you spend more time working on your client’s schedules utilizing split screen is extremely beneficial!

All computers, no matter the brand or type, have split-screen capabilities. On one half of your screen, you could be looking at the Connecteam schedule with all available housekeepers while on the other side of your screen, you can be looking at your client database with all your clients needed information. This way you do not need to go back and forth between programs, you can simply pull all the information you need from one side of your screen to the other. As management, we use this feature every single day and it helps us dramatically cut down on work time.

It’s one of those applications that helps you “work smarter” “not harder”.

Split Screen on Mac

Split Screen on Dell

Utilize the Clean Day Website

Our Clean Day website is extremely versatile. You are currently inside our Clean Day website as all of our training programs are housed on a Clean Day webpage.

Other things that can be found on our Clean Day website are “The Weekly” management newsletters, our monthly company newsletter for clients, cleaning checklists for our housekeepers and clients to refer to, a webpage where potential team members can submit their applications for employment, feedback form pages, websites where clients can leave reviews and more!

Here are just some of the few Clean Day web pages that you and your clients can visit. You can simply text webpages to clients at any point if they need specific information that relates to these pages.


This powerful program helps us operate Clean Day  Housekeeping services on a daily basis! Within Connecteam we house employee data, create cleaning schedules, clock in and out of work shifts, record client data, and more. So let’s get started on some basic introductions of features of the software.

Intro to Connecteam

Updates on the above video: We now have 4 to 8 schedules. An HR schedule, a CM Schedule/ Meet and Greet Schedule, A Erie/ Ohio Schedule, and the main Cleaning Schedule. Your Managers will tell you which schedules you will be using primarily.  

DO NOT SEARCH BY GROUP – We now search by “Role” found at the bottom of the filters near location. 


But much more on this program and its many features later on in your training.

The Clean Day Way
Housekeeping Training Program

This is Lydia, a housekeeper for Clean Day. She has been cleaning homes in the Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township, Butler, and Erie Pa areas for the past 2 years. Lydia has 10 years of cleaning experience and is loved by all of her clients.

An important part of your role as a Clients Manager is to know how our housekeepers are trained to clean, what products they use, and how long it might take to clean certain homes.

In order to do this, you too have to experience the Clean Day Way Training Program, just as our housekeepers do. This is a 4 day online and on-site training program for our housekeepers but you are only required to take the online portion.

The Clean Day Way 4-Day Training Program is designed for our Housekeepers, not our Client Managers. You are NOT attending any on-site training nor are you required to take any online quizzes. Please just watch all the videos and read all the written material. 

The Online Portion Can Take 2 to 3 Hours In Total