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Client Manager Training Program

4 Week Training Outline

Week 1 - Part 1

  • Our Mission!
  • What is a Client Manager? What are your responsibilities?
  • What is your earning capacity and how do you reach your financial goals?
  • Let’s Get Started 
  • Clean Day Systems and Software 
  • Google Drive
  • Meet and Greet Training
  • On-site Clients Info Template
  • Forms for the Client (Post M&G) 
  • Things to Remember at the Meet and Greet
  • Using the Jobber App For Meet and Greets
  • Sales Section

Week 1 - Part 2

Clean Day Way Cleaning Training 

Pittsburgh PA, Erie Pa, Columbus OH, Cleaning Service

Week 2

  • How to Quote a Job
  • Quote Estimators
  • Connecteam Training
  • How to Quote a Job Appropriately 
  • Whom Shall I send? 
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Roles and How We Work As A Team

Week 3

  • Creating Client Files 
  • Billing
  • How to Fully Manage a Client
  • How to Handle Client Complications
  • How to Handle Staff Complications